Why is it important to keep your eyes open..

This is only base on my self observation, I’m not sure if everyone will be resonated, but I hope that you will. Please like if you do, it will be a relief for me too, knowing that I am not alone and someone understood my perception. Keeping your eyes open is very important. I meanContinue reading “Why is it important to keep your eyes open..”


It’s easy to say, “Just Relax”, but making it happened is almost impossible to start with. What if there’s something you must do in order to be in your relax mode of being? Of course there is! The word relax is too broad for me, that’s why I created my own meaning of relax. RContinue reading “Well-Being”

Allow yourself to listen

Don’t try to change someone in order for her to fit your standard.It’s so funny, thinking about how you care about someone.You want her so badly but she’s not what you really want her to be.If you do that, then you don’t really like her.You just like her looks, not her true self. Someone willContinue reading “Allow yourself to listen”