Tougher this time

Taken at the Millineum Park using my Super Phone

The irony of life is really funny, when you go fast, you become slow; but when you go slow you become faster.
Just don’t forget to push yourself harder but smarter.
You have to be moderate in order to stay balanced.
So if you want to accomplish more task, slowdown a little bit, learn to rest in a bench watching the sun rising, then you may continue doing your daily task.

All masters have failed before they became a master of something.
You must fail it first before you succeed, but make sure to take the lessons before you proceed.
If it’s not failing you, then it’s not worth succeeding, you will never felt satisfied with your success.
That’s why if you didn’t get it the hard way, you’re probably not good enough to deserve a raise.
That’s my point of view, take only what resonates.

If you want to get it fast, you have to have that very strong patience. Learn to relax and have fun while patiently waiting for yourself to become good at it.
That’s how it must be done. Do not torture yourself, give it time to develop. Go slower if you must, but keep doing it and have courage.
Remember to appreciate your progress, you have worked hard for it.

Only the toughest have that kind of patience. And only those who have patience to go through the process will ever succeed.
There’s no shortcut, you must all get through it, so fail more, make it your best teacher.
Make friends with it because in every area of your life, failure comes first before you can win because how will you learn if you haven’t failed yet, maybe you have cheated.

Failure is a bridge that connects you to real knowledge.
The toughest survives not because they’re the best, partly yes, but because they choose to learn instead of gain. The entrepreneurs choose to loose at first to test their limits and their capabilities. That’s how good investment works.

Good learners, chase not after grades but of real knowledge that they can use to earn that highest grade they want to receive.
Competition isn’t a hindrance nor a pressure, nor an enemy to beat.
Rather, it’s an opportunity to win.

In my Caregiving training, for the 2nd time, I feel so good to be true to me.
It’s the best success I ever had since I turned away from my childhood fun and innocence.
No matter how high you have been, if you’re not honest about yourself, you’ll never feel so fulfilled.

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