Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support

Disapproval hurts, but you can mend it. It can break your self esteem or it can make you a record breaker. Just like how Suga Parents disapproval of his interest in music. But look at them now, breaking records after records.

So disapproval isn’t really a hindrance to your success. It is your choice that matters. It is the intensity of your desire that makes you rebel and follow your dreams no matter what. In the end of it all, your future is up to you. If he hadn’t fight for it, he wouldn’t have become this popular. Anyways I’m a fan!

Just like how my father disapproved of me to go to school. He wanted me to stop schooling at grade 5, and my choice to follow myself made me where I am today. It may not be the best of all the best, but it would have been worst if I hadn’t finished a degree.

There were times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my school due to lack of finances, that time when I lost my scholarship because I got disqualified for 3rd year accountancy. My world almost collapsed. It was almost unbelievable that despite what happened, I still choose to pursue school “without thinking” who will support me financially.

That choice created a miracle. The University President’s daughter gave back our scholarship. It was amended, our letter was heard. It’s proof that when you believe in good things, good things will happen. I had to shift to another course but that failure traumatized me, threatened my future in education. But in the end, I Still succeeded. It may not be the course I choose, but I still did something and that’s finishing the race.

I wasn’t good in accounting, my major, but I was good in my minor subjects. But that’s not the problem, the real problem was that “I compared myself to those who are extremely good both in their major and minors. And spent time feeling bad about myself for not being good enough like them.” I could have been so much happier, but I did not. Because of the disapprovals that once took place.

The feeling of them not being happy of my success, and me not being thankful and grateful for it because I wasn’t supported by my father with my education, (which later on, he kinda changed) but I’m already older and doesn’t need his support. Even though I needed it, he still couldn’t support me because he hadn’t gone to school after his primary; chose to help his parents and have me instead.

His disapproval made me feel sad and unsupported. I constantly seek for approval growing up, lack of self confidence and not really showing up. But I did something that helped me recover, “I give myself approval.” That results to self pity, but I did something again, “I accepted myself”. Still not wholly, but I am getting there. “Self-Love is different from Self-pity.” When you self love, you’re doing something to help yourself. But self-pity is constantly feeling bad about yourself and not doing anything but hate it. Not giving yourself the best food, the best dress that you really wanted is a result of self pity.

“Love yourself first, then you can love others.” ☺️

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