Getting out from my Comfort zone #7: The best revenge is to relax and be happy

“The past is history, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.” Kungfu 🐼

Oh yeah, we cannot change the past but I can always change my reaction. If the man think I will be the same person again after treating me that way, he’s wrong. He’ll die first before he can disrespect me again. No worries, I’ll do the best I can, to build myself and stand up stronger farther from them.

My reaction changed from being inferior to being happy. Like who cares of him, he’s nothing compared to me, if my mother choose him, I’ll choose another mother then, why insist with someone who doesn’t even see you as their own, when there are too many hungry mother’s wanting to have a child-like me 😁. It’s an era where self pity is being criticized. “All I knew is that she’s able and doesn’t need our help; what’s the use of her money if not pay others who can do her wants and help her needs.”

I have already decided, so here we go! Travel the world. The only one stopping me is my care towards a mother who didn’t even care about my feelings. Oh I care about her jealousy, I actually liked by stepmother more than her; but I choose to stay low so she can slay me and so she would feel better about herself. I choose to not be known char, so she won’t be exposed. Holding back my abilities is the worst torture I did to myself just to keep her safe and feel chosen.

This time, I am not holding back. I have a new family now, waiting to be accepted, I actually have a stepmother, a father and a little brother. I cannot force my little brothers older brother to come to me but if he would I will help him. He’s always welcome at my new parents house. Oh and besides, I’m getting my own too 🙏. Someday, I’ll find a new mother, a good one. I mean, I can share a mother with my future husband 😁. I’ll be a good daughter, that’s what I always wanted to be, but my mother doesn’t let me, she choose to deny me 😭. But I’m okay, really, I understand her situation.

For now, let’s swim!

After so many years, char, we’re finally able to come out of from our comfort zone. They’ve been so busy with their lives. I felt so bored around, my other friend went back to her parents place to give birth.

We’ve finally reunited. Here comes my college buddies! 💜

We ate together afterwards 🥁

“Life is about not caring too much and respecting others choices. If it doesn’t suits your needs, then leave. Change your direction, to find the right people. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just with the wrong ones.” – Beu 🧲

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