My enemy’s thoughts is none of my business

Sometimes, you just have to realize how irrelevant other people’s comment about you; how they view you as; how they looked at you like. I mean, it’s really none of your business. I understand how frustrating it could be to always hear their disapproval, but in the end of the day, they’re just idiots who cannot be on your level. They didn’t get it, they haven’t been on your shoes, that’s why they can’t be helped.

Fighting with this people is a waste of time. Ask yourself first before you fight or entertain their opinions, “Are these people worthy of my attention?” If they don’t, because they’re just somebody who doesn’t know anything about what you know, then you’re talking to a wrong person. Sometimes, the problem is not with you but with the other, and it’s none of your business to educate them because they’ll just end up defending their false thoughts.

The next time I have these thought of these same old people who just can’t keep their mouth off and leave me alone in peace, I’ll just remind myself, “You’re dealing with a person with a mental disability,” and it’s none of your business to fight with them. Sooner or later they will expose themselves, because they knew who they really are. In reality, people with those types of illness, like narcissist, psychopaths; personality traits like “self denial”; these people knew they’ve got problems with their heads. They’ll just laugh at it like it’s normal even when it’s not. So frustrating, isn’t it?

Believe me, they just want to steal your attention. They want to keep you angry, because they just want it. I mean for no valid reason. It’s their choice, and the best thing you can do is “Ignore Them”. MOVE on with your life and forgive them for they do not know what they’re saying. They’re just crazy. Period. No other explanation. I know it’s hard to understand why they are who they are, and why they choose you as their victim, but they just do it without good reason and it’s not your fault.

I had so many bad experiences with people like these.. number one, my male older cousin just want to annoy me, and raise his voice when talking to me like I always did something wrong; he referred me as his sisters even if we’re not, like how he can bully them, he also bullied me, in the past even to date through gossips. #2 I was walking on the street with my umbrella, and someone just bang my shoulder with her fist. Of course I had a hint that she’s aggressive from afar, so I protected myself with the umbrella. It’s too strong that my hand lose its grip, the umbrella fell; the woman just walk fast past me like she didn’t do anything wrong.

Crazy people really do exist. I saw a homeless person near the ATM machine today and I had to give him 100 so he can buy food. Sometimes he chased people with a wood, maybe because he’s hungry or what. I wonder how I could help these people, maybe give them books? I mean it’s none of my business, but maybe they’ll have something else to do other than sleeping on the street all day, waiting for someone to give them food.

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