Confront your fears with a smile

Fear has been my greatest enemy. It’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. It all came down to fear. Whatever reasons you have, why you hold back, you procrastinate, you refuse to let go of the negative people around you, why you choose not to forgive; all of those reasons are the product of fear.

It’s really affecting you and your life choices. Fear does not only slows you down, but it also stops you from doing the right thing. It puts you into self doubt and then you started losing your focus. That’s why if I am to lead a team, I will always make them feel relaxed, safe and loved, because that’s the only way to allow our best to come out naturally without stressing too much.

A friend once told me to just relax whenever I am scared and whenever I am afraid. And how to relax? Just smile a bit and listen to good music. Let good thoughts play in your head. It’s the most effective technique to relax easily.

There are certain sounds and vibrations that triggers my fear. Mostly are those people whom I really hated, they’re obviously not my friends. No matter what they do, I just can’t fake it. Before, I used to run away from these types of people, but they’re everywhere I just can’t ran away from them so easily.

These people’s voices pulls me down, because it’s spiraling down. There are people like BTS, that I really liked because they’re spiraling up. Their voices are the best, their laughter just cure someone’s broken soul, that’s why when I sing I make sure it’s going to be calm and going up.

Smiling however shorten your journey towards relaxation. Even if you’re not thinking anything, you will stay in your high vibe good vibe energy when you smile, even if it’s just a bit. I finally understood what my friend once said, to just SMILE. A little smile won’t make you crazy, and won’t kill you as well. When you smile, you are happy, right?

You see, happiness can be forced too. That means that the opposite of fear which is courage and determination can be forced too. So that concludes this post for today, “Smile” confront your fears, it’s your only enemy not the people who triggers it. Fake a smile until you can genuinely and effortlessly smile from the heart, you’ll get it one day if you practice everyday 😁.

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