The effects of fear and why you must not trigger others nor yourself to fear

First thing first, a threat is not a friendly mechanism to make someone become productive and effective in what they do. Instead, it will put them into a fight or flight mode. It requires time to process of all of that fear and how to get back on your knees, because they recover and focus again, that’s ba waste of time isn’t it?

It destructs someone’s focus, demotivate them and shock them into a blank mode causing more problem, less productivity, less effectivity, etc. For me, it’s better not to mention the consequence over and over again, because they already knew it and I think they’re doing their best to help themselves.

They’re professionals and they knew what they’re doing, so if they’re not following rules, then maybe because they need to be reminded of the basics through one on one reminder too. Respecting someone’s privacy will maintain the peaceful thoughts of the remaining participants.

If you fed yourself with fearful thoughts, you will not be able to focus on what’s next, instead you’ll think of running. The right thing to do is to recall everything that has gone wrong and how to escape from it is to move backwards. The only escape from the wrong cycle is to move backwards, start from the end, end from the begining.

Most of the time, if you go backward step, you’ll end up doing the right thing, until you’ll end up at the beginning. This time, do it correctly. No more confusions. Your first instinct was right and is always right.

If you know what I mean, you’re a genius. It explains why, the bible is a little confusing. And this phrase, “The end is the beginning” is an instruction to start from the end, backwards until you have it all corrected, this time, do what is right, trust your instinct. Do not change anything, follow what is written, until they gave you a new instruction, there is a new testament to follow then you may change, according to the new instruction.

Love and forgiveness it is. So change your fear of God to love and forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, everlasting life and most of all gratitude and undying support. Instead of triggering fear, trigger acceptance and recognition. I knew just one person who did it right! ☺️ Thanks Miss!

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