This is life all about in the end

In the end, it’s all about happiness. It’s all about the feelings and the lessons we get from the choices we made in the past. In the end, life is about letting go and forgiving those we no longer needed, letting go of those that weighing us down and going the other way where theyContinue reading “This is life all about in the end”

I applied this little trick today, see what happened next

I got triggered again today. My emotions got shakened, I was on a fight or flight mode but I must not flee because I have to keep up and do the right things. So I applied this little mind trick that I am about to share with you. Look, I was emotional because a wordContinue reading “I applied this little trick today, see what happened next”

I’d rather be

I’d rather be a clown woman than a dead one. I’d rather be laughed at than be mourned at. I’d rather be visible than being invisible. I’d rather be recognized than being unrecognized. I’d rather have success than failures. I’d rather be your friend than your enemy. I’d rather be happy than being sad. I’dContinue reading “I’d rather be”