Restrictions (see if it resonates)

I am being restricted because my acting parents are so strict. But I am no longer a child that they can manipulate. I have changed my life because of the decisions I’ve made. I have become the best because of the skills I have mastered. I have been honored, because I keep honoring the best.Continue reading “Restrictions (see if it resonates)”

Breaking Free (see if it resonates)

I am not a tree, I’m not someone I cannot be. I can be anyone I want to be. I am fearless but not headless. Powered by love, powered by the sun. It’s providing me, it’s giving me. I am being watched by them, even if shadows don’t recognize me. I am me. I amContinue reading “Breaking Free (see if it resonates)”

Lied (see if it resonates)

This feeling made me feel like it will never end. This people chasing, not really dying. I have to keep fading, I thought they will be leaving. They thought we are family, as if we’re close that’s what they thought. They mistook me of someone they’ve always been when they’re young. They thought I amContinue reading “Lied (see if it resonates)”