Lied (see if it resonates)

This feeling made me feel like it will never end. This people chasing, not really dying. I have to keep fading, I thought they will be leaving. They thought we are family, as if we’re close that’s what they thought. They mistook me of someone they’ve always been when they’re young. They thought I amContinue reading “Lied (see if it resonates)”

Go BTS! Go (see if it resonates)

Go BTS! Go. You’re the color of my eyes, the rainbow of my soul. You gave me laughter, you gave me joy. A sunshine that brights up the day, a flower that blooms in the midday. That heart of yours all over your face, melt with mine formed a new me. A new hope, aContinue reading “Go BTS! Go (see if it resonates)”

Love BTS (see if it resonates)

I felt so bad back then because I knew you were my everything. But you’re clouding up my day leaving me afraid and worry. I kept running away, far far away, trying to escape from this reality. I was blamed of someone else’s death as if I’ve done something wrong. Everyone was a victim ofContinue reading “Love BTS (see if it resonates)”

Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)

Rebirthing a new you This quarantine made me feel so strange. It releases all my past stories away. I’m in a ghost town I see. I should be happy. No more noises, no more running out of time, I have all the time. The next two weeks will be guaranteed, from there onwards the worldContinue reading “Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)”

Truth Tells (if you agree, comment please)

I love to love, but I don’t allow me. They tell me they love me, I don’t believe it in any way. I set my foot high, I cannot let them pull me. If I will fall, would they catch me? It hurts to fall, I guess it really does. I have been hurt pullingContinue reading “Truth Tells (if you agree, comment please)”