Moving forward

I am moving forward in all my ways, I am really going into that direction.It’s a better way, better than this. I know I can make it.Even if I won’t, I will still make it. I have been there before.I thought I couldn’t, but I did, my love you lift me up. These people tryingContinue reading “Moving forward”

Anger (share what resonates)

My husbands very angry because her little girl is still a baby. She doesn’t want to come out yet without me. I will be bringing her to places, she will be my princess. She’s going to come out from me and I am letting her out like she wants to be. I will bring herContinue reading “Anger (share what resonates)”

JK Called Me! (a poem for you)

I’m so happy todayI don’t know what to sayJK just called me I want to explodeBut it’s not healthy for the worldI know right, I know! I’ve been manifesting thisIt’s totally happening to meThis dude just called me! Oh my God, can you help me?My heart is pounding like crazyIt’s fucking weird, it’s killing meContinue reading “JK Called Me! (a poem for you)”

Go BTS! Go (see if it resonates)

Go BTS! Go. You’re the color of my eyes, the rainbow of my soul. You gave me laughter, you gave me joy. A sunshine that brights up the day, a flower that blooms in the midday. That heart of yours all over your face, melt with mine formed a new me. A new hope, aContinue reading “Go BTS! Go (see if it resonates)”

Love BTS (see if it resonates)

I felt so bad back then because I knew you were my everything. But you’re clouding up my day leaving me afraid and worry. I kept running away, far far away, trying to escape from this reality. I was blamed of someone else’s death as if I’ve done something wrong. Everyone was a victim ofContinue reading “Love BTS (see if it resonates)”

Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)

Rebirthing a new you This quarantine made me feel so strange. It releases all my past stories away. I’m in a ghost town I see. I should be happy. No more noises, no more running out of time, I have all the time. The next two weeks will be guaranteed, from there onwards the worldContinue reading “Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)”

New workmates (if it resonates)

15 more days to go and I will be in that place unknown. I have been oriented, yet I still have to meet them. I am feeling excited, but I am also feeling this panic attack. Butterflies in my stomach made me feel like running away. I know I am fine, I know I’ll beContinue reading “New workmates (if it resonates)”

Your future plan (see if it resonates)

It’s time to crack my enemies. I have been belittled until the very end. This has to stop by starting new. New source, just something new. I can see the difference between them and the new. They’re intruding me, they’re gossiping about me. They’re trying to manipulate me, specially the mother that I knew. IContinue reading “Your future plan (see if it resonates)”

A song for him who lives in the other island

I’m searching for you everywhere. I couldn’t find the right way to you. Connections were blocked from you. How can I communicate with you if it’s blocked. I want to tell you how much I miss you. I am still here for you. I wonder what you’re up to. I wonder if you’re wondering aboutContinue reading “A song for him who lives in the other island”