New workmates (if it resonates)

15 more days to go and I will be in that place unknown.

I have been oriented, yet I still have to meet them.

I am feeling excited, but I am also feeling this panic attack.

Butterflies in my stomach made me feel like running away.

I know I am fine, I know I’ll be fine.

If I could stand the test of time, I’ll get to have the courage to finally live that life.

The life I always wanted, different from this.

I knew I’m still a bit dreaming. But I am also working.

There is no time for worries, there is only time for joy.

I’ll keep my heart open. I’ll let them lead the way.

It’s time to listen, and follow just as they say.

If I can do this, they can do this.

I’ll be fine, I’ll be kind.

I’ll tell the truth about my dreams.

I’ll let them know, I hope we’re heading the same way too.

Might be different from me, but same goal as me.

To serve better, to rank better, to perform better, to be better.

I must do my best because they deserve the best.

I must give my all because they deserve my all.

I must submit, because they deserve my submission.

If they can, I can.

This is the job I always wanted to have.

It’s finally here, I’m getting there.

I deserve this, they deserve this.

We must give our best so they will give us the best.

We must show them the best results so they will show us the best of them.

They deserve the best me.

It’s not true that they are jealous about me, the company loves me, that’s why they hired me.

I am being paid by the company not by the coallegues.

I believe they have their own way

They’re my boss, I respect them because I can learn from them.

They’re masters in what they do, I must listen to them.

They’re masters in what they say I must ask questions through them because I know they know.

I must be resilient, I must learn to trust the masters in the group.

Someday I will become like them, someday someone will become like me.

I want to be of help I know they want to be of help too.

I must think positive, that’s what my angels say and do.

It doesn’t matter where I’m coming from now, it matters where I am going from now.

I wish to fulfill my dreams.

I want to have that house.

Big space, big home, big comfortroom, big room.

Big kitchen, big savings, big followers.

I want to get that degree I told you about.

For sure I will get that license I am talking about.

I will follow the masters, I will be me to deliver something that is meant to be.

I want to perform better and be better.

I want to be lucky and be happy.

I want to be blessed and be happy.

I want to be the best I can be because that is me.

I will get what I deserve, I know I will.

In the first three months I will be a master.

With that basic skill, I will be developed.

Time to time I will become the best.

Once I’m already the best, I can start something new to be the best at.

For now, I need to focus until that day I’ve reach level 4.

Then I can take up my masteral and keep it open to train myself as something else.

I can keep it open for the company to value me and call me their own.

I will be happy, I am already happy.

I knew I can deliver well, I know I can master it well.

I must master it so that I can help the rest. A never ending cycle I have already started since I took up my Care giving thing.

My training starts there.

I was done with 0 level.

Now I am at level 1.

I’m in my way to level 2 as long as I master that level 1.

I will enjoy receiving incentives. I will, I will.

So let’s get back on our knees and let go of the rest.

It’s time to be the best. It’s time to be the best.

I’ll keep myself open for my other thing. I’ll make this partime something to have some fun.

Something to go out with, something to serve with.

I’ll keep myself doing what I’m already doing.

But I’ll make sure that I’ll be the best in all areas I am with.

They accepted me for who I am and what I am.

They want me because I dance, I sing, I write, I have a lot of things to do.

They want me because I am blogging, I am sharing, I am also reading.

They want me because I am traveling, I am investing, I am saving.

They want me for being who I am.

In this place I can be who I am.

This is the source that I want in.

This is the source that I want to be in.

I’ll keep it open, I’ll keep it known.

These people accept me for what I am. Just like how I was accepted at CELI for being me.

No need to worry, I am being accepted there.

No need to hesitate to tell the truth because I am finally being listened to.

I am more than what I am. More than what I deserve.

I am more than a gift. I am a gift.

I hope I will be of help to the people in need.

I hope to be of service to the people in need. I hope to be me all the time so that I can share more to them.

I am being taken cared, I will be fine.

I am fine.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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