Thoughts of yesterday, ends today

It has been affecting me, emotionally. A single thought of being neglected… … made me feel so uneasy… it’s affecting my efficiency… … it’s no longer healthy for me. My mind is full of uneasiness… … it’s making me feel the least… … it keeps repeating like it’s never ending. I was manifesting the worst,Continue reading “Thoughts of yesterday, ends today”

Just Breathe

“Pushing too hard to get your tasks done isn’t going to give you the life that you want, if you’re not breathing.” So just breathe. It’s okay to breathe. You are safe. If you’re going to push harder, because you’re so life driven, that’s okay; but please remember to breathe. Do not wait for yourselfContinue reading “Just Breathe”

How to change the Future

Oh well, this is quite an interesting topic to tackle about this January. Let me guess, you’re also wondering how. You’re asking yourself, is that even possible? But you’re interested to know it, it’s just scary to think about possibilities and what ifs. What if it’s really possible, am I ready for this? Another questionContinue reading “How to change the Future”

Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)

Rebirthing a new you This quarantine made me feel so strange. It releases all my past stories away. I’m in a ghost town I see. I should be happy. No more noises, no more running out of time, I have all the time. The next two weeks will be guaranteed, from there onwards the worldContinue reading “Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)”

New workmates (if it resonates)

15 more days to go and I will be in that place unknown. I have been oriented, yet I still have to meet them. I am feeling excited, but I am also feeling this panic attack. Butterflies in my stomach made me feel like running away. I know I am fine, I know I’ll beContinue reading “New workmates (if it resonates)”