Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)

Rebirthing a new you This quarantine made me feel so strange. It releases all my past stories away. I’m in a ghost town I see. I should be happy. No more noises, no more running out of time, I have all the time. The next two weeks will be guaranteed, from there onwards the worldContinue reading “Rebirthing a new you (see if it resonates)”

Your future plan (see if it resonates)

It’s time to crack my enemies. I have been belittled until the very end. This has to stop by starting new. New source, just something new. I can see the difference between them and the new. They’re intruding me, they’re gossiping about me. They’re trying to manipulate me, specially the mother that I knew. IContinue reading “Your future plan (see if it resonates)”