Your future plan (see if it resonates)

It’s time to crack my enemies.

I have been belittled until the very end.

This has to stop by starting new.

New source, just something new.

I can see the difference between them and the new.

They’re intruding me, they’re gossiping about me.

They’re trying to manipulate me, specially the mother that I knew.

I wanted to help her, to make a new, but she can’t and she won’t.

She will still hand me over to her brother who will kill me and her.

That’s how she trusted her brother, as if he doesn’t have a family who will torture me in the end.

They’be done it before, they cast me away. They will do it again. Let’s see if they can.

I trusted her, but she just blew my trust away.

I choose her because she helped me, I thought I’m still young and needed a guardian.

But I’m old now, I deserve to own everything.

They told me to make it one, they forgot they have different last name, how can I trust them.

I have to give it to the mother that lives in me, in my name through my name she will feel assured that she will be forgiven.

Happiness be in her, happiness be in me.

She will not own anything coming from me, but she can share with me.

Up to her, she can come and ask anything she wants, now that I can see the real her from the one that I used to be.

If I’d be the head of their clan I will crack their lives into pieces so they will no longer reunite with the devil.

I am here quiet, building my own army to help me create a new me.

The pattern will be cracked by creating another way.

Something new, something different from what they knew.

They kept telling lies as if it is true, trying to bring me back to the place I no longer know.

They’ve been stagnant like water, their lives kept repeating the same way, but they no longer have me.

I have cracked them, if they will follow me, it’s up to them, but I will keep it open.

They’re still dragging me down, but they’re no longer because I’m too strong, they can’t pull me down.

They said they’re too many, yes they are, I hope they’re letting go now if they keep pulling me down anyway.

They’re good at hitching, they’re good at nothing.

No matter how they pull me, they can’t climb up my tree because I am rooted differently.

They must return to that place unknown and let go of their plans of trying to pull me down.

Their eyes are evil, oh I’m scared but I’m fine I’m just acting.

I will of course cast them away, because I knew their deeds, I knew what they have done.

I cannot change their ways, but I can change my perspective.

If I’ll fight against them, I’m a crazy man, but if I’ll keep moving, leaving them behind, I’lol become stronger than ever before.

I must grow up now, fighting back only means I am still immature.

I must handle things like a wise would say.

I must show them that I can, without them behind.

They kept on calling my old name, who is that anyway.

She’s no longer me, I am no longer her.

I am someone who looks like her, but deffinitely not the one I used to be.

The other girl has a long hair, the new one got a new hair.

The old hair died, the new one arise.

It’s time to let go of everything that they thought I am.

I have changed a lot, since that day I’m gone.

I must work with the new one, better than the old one.

They still act like the old one even if they’re no one.

Teting to talk to someone, they think I’m still am.

But I am no longer that weak woman, they always thought I am.

I can only show my new self to them, I can no longer feed the devil they kept talking with.

It’s time to be myself, it’s time to be someone I wanted to be.

It’s time to stop acting because it’s no longer working.

If I act like a child, they can make me feel frustrated.

But if I’ll show them the real me, they can make me feel good in all ways.

I hate acting, I always do, but the devils wants something old not new.

So I’ll stay with anyone new. It’s time to let go the old you.

I must talk like I am talking to the new you even if you’re not the one I am talking to.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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