The park near me

Facing at the mountains as the sun rises, listening to the footsteps of unknown people jogging and excersing near where I live. I wonder if they’re okay after this Covid-19 outbreak.But I guess they’re fine, I can see families taking pictures, smiling, really happy.I thought crossing to the other side of Marcelo bridge is notContinue reading “The park near me”

I’m not a tree (see if it resonates)

I am not a tree, that’s what they thought I am. They think I am nothing like them. The think I have no friends supporting me from behind. They think they’re not heard, nor remain unseen. They think they’re invisible, what a shame they put themselves into. They see the dark, they cannot see me.Continue reading “I’m not a tree (see if it resonates)”

Love BTS (see if it resonates)

I felt so bad back then because I knew you were my everything. But you’re clouding up my day leaving me afraid and worry. I kept running away, far far away, trying to escape from this reality. I was blamed of someone else’s death as if I’ve done something wrong. Everyone was a victim ofContinue reading “Love BTS (see if it resonates)”

Truth Tells (if you agree, comment please)

I love to love, but I don’t allow me. They tell me they love me, I don’t believe it in any way. I set my foot high, I cannot let them pull me. If I will fall, would they catch me? It hurts to fall, I guess it really does. I have been hurt pullingContinue reading “Truth Tells (if you agree, comment please)”