Love BTS (see if it resonates)

I felt so bad back then because I knew you were my everything.

But you’re clouding up my day leaving me afraid and worry.

I kept running away, far far away, trying to escape from this reality.

I was blamed of someone else’s death as if I’ve done something wrong.

Everyone was a victim of some crazy false thinker.

We were being blamed of someone death, I kept on repeating this.

I couldn’t accept the blame, but I diffinitely couldn’t accept the pain.

I must let this feeling of anger out, this woman put me through.

Another man came to me trying to put that charge in me.

As if I am the one who did it heartlessly.

I’m so sick of their bullshit thoughts, it’s whispering all around me.

Like that devil who wants nothing but my money.

This feeling sucks, this is really what holds me.

They want only my money, I feel so used up and ugly.

It hurts to see this, it hurts to realize this.

More importantly, it hurts to feel this.

My ex wants that money out from me, he wants only my money.

I felt so disappointed ashamed and angry.

She was acting she was in pain, hospitalized and dying just for me to give everything my family deserve to receive, was given to him due to self pity.

Now that my brother is here and my father is there, I guess it’s time to make this all things right.

I will be sharing a part of me to the family, just in case they needed me, I guess they do in some way.

I understand they needed some money to feed their own family, so I might as well contribute to their own journey.

I guess I am here again to make things right the way it must be.

I can make it right, that’s what our BTS friends taught me.

I believe in them and that makes me part of their army already.

I will be fighting for peace, equality and kindness.

I will be sharing with the armies all the members.

It is something cool, it is something new.

The boys just created BTS community that supports what they’re up to.

If there is a formal membership to be an army, I would be their proud volunteer to do their thing and to say I am a proud army.

I felt loved, I felt blessed, whenever I think of them.

They’re definitely my inspiration in everything that I do.

I laugh with them through the videos they’ve made.

I am just verily satisfied by the humors they have, JK most especially.

He’s my bias, but I kept it open for the other boys of BTS.

They’re all one in this movement, I am proud to be a part of it.

With all those traumas I have, BTS have been behind my back.

They’re like lights highlighting my good insights.

They’re the key to the best part of me.

They just turn on the happy me whenever I watch them nae nae, most specially the young V and JK.

All 7 of them by the way but the youngs showed me the way to be happy. The hyungs proved me that it’s still okay to play.

I have never expected these guys felt so normal like me, despite of their talents that ignites the world around me.

They’re the best in towns, they’ve got the best hearts of all.

They might be single everyday, rest assured they’re not lonely because they knew they’ve got army.

They’ve got me.

I am just so thankful and grateful, they made me hopeful.

Someday somehow, I’ll be able to work for BTS community.

I hope the world will see the hearts they possessed, I hope they’ll be accepted in whatever choices they will make.

In terms of love, I pray that they’ll find that love that are meant for each of them.

I hope they’ll find true love, something pure and white.

It may not be the virgin because everyone got to grow in different ways.

But I know they will one day, find the best girl for each one in BTS.

I will see them grow, I will see them rise, into the east back to the west.

In all corners of the world, they will not be un seen.

All the new kids must see the beautiful hearts in them, angelic and true to their nature.

I hope to find love as well, true and carefree.

But not all have that power to meet the best person they’re suppose to meet.

With time, my time, your time will come.

Let’s wait for that time to come that you too will be crowned king and queen of hearts.

Like army and bts.


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Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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