IronMan in Mactan

IronMan in Mactan, I am already thrilled. Waiting for your participants to show their strenght. In the hallway, people cheers up for their bets. Me, I’m here, to see beauty, to see strenght. To be inspired is all I get, nothing but a bliss. One day, I might; One day, I may not, but hereContinue reading “IronMan in Mactan”

This or that (take what resonates)

This feeling that comes from the past, or that feeling that comes from now. Spotting the difference in this darker times really help everyone survive. I am happy now because I choose that thought outside of this box. I know where this thoughts come from, it’s from the old me I used to be. ButContinue reading “This or that (take what resonates)”

Bipolar (take what resonates)

I think I have bipolar personality.Sometimes I feel so lonely.Other days I feel so happy.It looks normal to me.But now I can see.The difference is so clear to me. I have bipolar personality.Sometimes I feel so happy.Giving out everything I have leaving myself empty.But sometimes I am also crazy.Taking back everything I say. I haveContinue reading “Bipolar (take what resonates)”

I’m not a tree (see if it resonates)

I am not a tree, that’s what they thought I am. They think I am nothing like them. The think I have no friends supporting me from behind. They think they’re not heard, nor remain unseen. They think they’re invisible, what a shame they put themselves into. They see the dark, they cannot see me.Continue reading “I’m not a tree (see if it resonates)”