Anger (share what resonates)

My husbands very angry because her little girl is still a baby. She doesn’t want to come out yet without me. I will be bringing her to places, she will be my princess. She’s going to come out from me and I am letting her out like she wants to be. I will bring herContinue reading “Anger (share what resonates)”

It ends with fire (see if it resonates)

Finally it has ended, finally they have ended. The chaos that they have started. Now I can finally see the real me. I can finally see the real them. I am Rosie, I am going to take charge. This is the real me. I am not going to deny me, I am going to embraceContinue reading “It ends with fire (see if it resonates)”

Breaking Free (see if it resonates)

I am not a tree, I’m not someone I cannot be. I can be anyone I want to be. I am fearless but not headless. Powered by love, powered by the sun. It’s providing me, it’s giving me. I am being watched by them, even if shadows don’t recognize me. I am me. I amContinue reading “Breaking Free (see if it resonates)”