True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2

Hi Again, Rose here channeling someone’s energy. I can feel that love so strong. It’s a secret person, I’m glad to have been able to feel this vibe, so blessed. I hope you can relate…

M- Masculine

F- Feminine

M: I love you so much and I hated it coz I know it’s true and there’s nothing I can do. I really love you.

F: I know, can’t be expressed in words, I can feel it too. How strong is this? How intense could it be? We’re even far far away.

M: I have no idea. I just love it and I am enjoying this feeling right now, as if I’m in a dream, it felt so good, it makes me feel so alive.

F: Good! Coz I feel the same way too. I don’t even have to see you. I just have to feel your presence somewhere on earth.

M: I will keep smiling and sharing this beautiful love to earth, that they may also feel the love we both have.

F: Right. I feel so good just tuning in with your frequency, it heals me deeply, I want to shout it but can’t so please do it for me.

M: Always. Thanks for your love, I have never felt so alive before. I have never felt so in love before. It’s my first time and it’s making me sleepless at night. I know I have to rest but I am so energetic I don’t know what happened.

F: Maybe it’s me. I kept thinking of you, it’s just so addicting and so satisfying. I’m just so happy too that I finally found you. I’m not sure if I’m right about you, I needed confirmation, I cannot confirm for now. I am waiting for that miracle to happen.

M: Hah! Hahahaha! I’m not even thinking of anyone except the love that I felt. I am so high, I felt so recharged like I am alive again. This year have been so much a surprise to me. I hope but I’m not expecting that we shall meet. I’m worried that meeting you will wake me up from this beautiful dream.

F: Haha. Yeah, I’m ugly and a monster looking, but that doesn’t matter. It’s my energy that does coz it completes the missing pieces of your thoughts. I am so happy for you. Meeting you is a plus but not necessary. A love that so true is all I want, all I need and all I pray for. Maybe it’s you! Maybe I’m right about you. I hope one day, our eyes will meet and recognize each others presence.

M: I am a little skeptical because It’s crazy and I’m not really into you, I just want the vibe. Your existence is all I needed so please stay in love, it will keep you alive. I wonder, if I’ll end up marrying you or not, I believe it’s a choice that we have to make. I’m no longer a baby, so I won’t cry anymore. I’ll surrender everything to the devine. Up to the universe to bring us together in one place at the same time.

F: It must be exciting! Ah, but not really necessary. Our connection is enough and more than enough. I couldn’t ask for more. My loyalty will be paid back with joy. It’s automatic and it’s true! I believe everyone felt it to. I hope that they’ll be inspired and they’ll also attract their rightful counterparts.

M: Yup! But I still wanna really meet you one day! It must be so funny and so interesting to practice telepathy with you. We can read each others minds and it’s just amazing. Trust me I won’t tell anyone. Keep my secrets and I’ll keep yours.

F: Of course! I respect your privacy. I love it! Thanks for trusting me. I will only share what I’m allowed to do. After all, we’re two different human bodies living in a totally different world. Nature could be sexy isn’t it?

M: Haha true! Specially animals.

F: I wonder why I became so close to animals right after having contact with you in 2016. It was so intense, I got so emotional, I had to stop everything. We were so young back then.

M: We’re always young. You’re always talking to me before, but you stopped for awhile, I hated it that you started looking outside instead of inside. I’m always within you. I am always you. Although, Don’t be confused, I am sexier and prettier than you. Hahaha.

F: Oh well, who would argue! You got me! Always have fun! And stay in love.. Remember to come back to me and never get lost. You will find a love that’s so true within you. I’m sorry I was mean to you.

M: It’s okay! I like you being mean to me anyway. Pushing me away and kicking me out, haha! Tom and Jerry love affair. We’re always having fun. I am even annoying your boyfriend’s hahahaha. Did you know?

F: Oh well, I noticed, sometimes they sounded so differently like they’re someone else’s I haven’t met. Sometimes they are being themselves, sometimes they’re not. I wonder why oldies act like a baby, it’s gross. And guess what, nothing last. I always comes back to you. I guess I am meant to be single forever.

M: 😝 I know what you did but I’m not gonna tell coz we’re best friends. I’m not gonna promise you, but I might ask you to be around, physically.

F: We were partners in crime and I always respect and say sorry everytime I did something wrong that you didn’t like. Awesome isn’t it. I just can’t see how it’s going to be like being around with you, it must be messy. It’s better this way. No war, just feeling good and enjoying life to the fullest.

M: But I still want you to love me sometimes.. you know.. men likes a woman’s touch 😁

F: Dang, flirty little baby.

M: Hubby.

F: Yaay.

M: 😁 See ya when I see ya.. let’s keep the love and support going. It is so satisfying! I hope you have more to offer.

F: oh well, I can teach you my language, how’s that? I can be your student and a boss at the same time.

M: Hmmm.. I wonder.. If you’re that ugly I would really put a masked on you.

F: So mean.

M: I love your eyes anyway. It’s so like me. I’m in you! That’s for sure😁 It felt great to finally love my other self..

F: Hahahaha. Anyways, gotta go. Talk to you next time.

M: Bye. TC. Love lots.

F: Sure thanks. Have fun with your friends and regards. I hope they knew about me. Hehe.

M: Someone does but he doesn’t care. He said, it’s none of my business and I respect your privacy.

F: Awesome!

M: Okay, go now! πŸ₯΄

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