Beautiful are the birds, pretty as it sounds, exciting the feels.

I am but a listener who loves their harmony, sounds better than any.

Humans words full of bitterness, yet the birds sings full of eagerness.

Better not have a lyrics, than of words full of disappointments and sadness.

But thankful for those men, for my eyes had them opened.

Some words, not mine to keep, but mine to let go.

Some reminders are for me, worth accepting and adhering.

Yet my mind wanders, full of discouragements, reality does sucks.

Yet no man is an island, sometimes we have to be social.

But the bitter words I heard, as if it was mine.

I know it wasn’t, but it feels like mine.

How sad, yet the struggles of men is how to ignore without making the chatterer feels disappointed.

I guess silence is all there is, to protect my own peace.

How can I react to my own chatters without making her feel unheard.

But these are just the recordings of the past, it needs to be put to rest.

Yet I remained restless, reacting to those recording that no longer existed.

I wonder why videos were created, is it not to keep you stuck in your head?

Such a mess, it causes chronic stress; others gets depressed.

Choose to be in silence, your reaction is not needed.

Choose not to impress if it ruins your own peace.

Sometimes, you have to make them feel ignored so they will stop bothering your head.

Better be in peace than be in a great mess, better live like you, than live like others told you.

Coz in the end my dear, they’ll come back to you, like they owned you.

Better to live like me, in silence, in my own peace, nobody knows I existed.

So much chatters angered my soul, it causes destruction, calling for a disaster.

Better hurt one than hurt everyone.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: RMI PayPal (In case you wanna send me a thank you gift for being of help): I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. šŸ˜

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