The Power Of Change

I am thinking… Why earth is changing? Why do we have rainy seasons, heat seasons, cold seasons.. Why do we have months, days and years? Even numbers?

Can you imagine seeing all black and there’s no light? How about seeing all light without dark? It all seems odd. But if we will balance dark and light, and shift one after the other, it sounds balance right?

I think there are sounds in each color; if you will listen carefully, you’ll hear that black sounds unknown, white sounds peace, pink sounds life, Blue sounds Smart, Purple sounds Love and Elegance. Green sounds Abundance.

But that’s not the point here, I’m just saying that…

Change sounds cool. It keeps us all feel alive. Movement is change, and that’s a sign of life. Change makes life beautiful. Change keeps earth alive. If we stop moving back and forth, shifting and growing, there is no life, we die.

So yeah, let change come, let it be, and be open to it. Have fun learning. Everything is temporary. Saying hello, goodbye, is temporary. Just let it be… It will come and go. Most importantly, life is an experiment. We like to see what happens if we do this and that.

We experiment on our ideas and hope for good results. Whatever happens, either we learn or we become successful. I am starting to like humans now. Keep changing heheh.

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