Replace Worry with Fun

I have seen BTS Jungkook VLive twice and he always talked about worrying.. first about the Grammy performance, 2nd about the Las Vegas Concert. Guess what, everything goes right! It’s an affirmation that WORRYING is not necessary, because in the end, everything’s going to be alright. I wonder 🤔 Jungkook-sshi already knew this, he mustContinue reading “Replace Worry with Fun”

How to live longer

Yesterday, I went to the church not because I am perfect but because I am not. I needed spiritual lessons, good thoughts, clean intentions, and true love from the Devine. Church is a resting place for my soul. It’s so quiet and people is at their respectful mode. We all knew we’ve got all typesContinue reading “How to live longer”

What you need to let go

New year’s celebration is coming and here I am working. Working in my dreams I mean. I want to become a good writer who can express someone else’s heart desires, so here I am practicing. In my youth, I haven’t thought of becoming a writer. I was very bad in English and English have alwaysContinue reading “What you need to let go”