Stuck somewhere, procrastinating somehow? Here’s the key to your next success

Then we realized, we knew it! We knew it! We knew how to do it! We just knew it! We’re just too scared to do it. I was too scared to try my idea. Today, I had a confirmation, to trust what I already knew. I knew the answer to my question but I liedContinue reading “Stuck somewhere, procrastinating somehow? Here’s the key to your next success”

How to live longer

Yesterday, I went to the church not because I am perfect but because I am not. I needed spiritual lessons, good thoughts, clean intentions, and true love from the Devine. Church is a resting place for my soul. It’s so quiet and people is at their respectful mode. We all knew we’ve got all typesContinue reading “How to live longer”

Surrender (take what resonates)

It’s time to surrender the snakes that lives behind. We kept feeding them, but they kept on biting us. They’re being protected by the woman that adopted them. It’s so scary, these human snakes doesn’t want to go away. But now I am letting the authorities see these snakes that’s being helped by her. SheContinue reading “Surrender (take what resonates)”