Surrender (take what resonates)

It’s time to surrender the snakes that lives behind.

We kept feeding them, but they kept on biting us.

They’re being protected by the woman that adopted them.

It’s so scary, these human snakes doesn’t want to go away.

But now I am letting the authorities see these snakes that’s being helped by her.

She kept protecting him, my aunt did it so. He’s acting like a brother to me, even if he’s not.

This shame is so shameful, human snakes everywhere they go.

They kept fighting back to the masters that’s feeding them.

Someone took him in, an aunt who have mercy over him, but that snakes took over her, put her in so much shame.

He acted like he own everything, everything she owns, he owns.

What a shame, he will eat his own cousins. Even his aunts he’s also scaring in.

He will be eating her brothers and sisters including her cousin that is me.

His aunt was also a victim of his own venum. A real snake who’s acting like human will no longer lives.

I will surrender this man to the authorities in the forest where he must live. He will be take cared off by the mountains where he belongs.

I am sexually threatened by this snakeman that my aunt have been protecting ever since the day begun.

My cousin she dearly loved, oh my God it’s killing her but she’s still running after him.

The bullshit snakes who’s chasing me as if I will be deceived again by them.

My male cousins on the mother sides are all human-snakes biting their masters, killing those they got jealous with.

What the f*** they really sucks! It’s time to surrender them to the place unknown. They don’t belong here, they belong to the province where they will crawl to death.

I know it’s so painful and it’s so shameful but real snakes are better than these human snakes. Soon they will be gone, because the world will no longer take them nor accept them.

I will no longer fear because I know I am fine. I am maybe a Goddess, but not the angry one. I am something different, special in all my ways.

I know I’m feeling them, that’s why I will keep the door open so they can leave wherever they goes.

They will victimize men and women, what the fuck these snakes are. The other one is gay, the other one is man. But I am a woman who will love my husband.

I am a woman that will help other men instead of kill them to get something out from them.

Their Venums are dangerous, you will stick to it. But my husband is fine, I will keep him still. I will be loving him because I have surrendered myself to the lord.

I died through sins so that I will live in love with the lord Jesus. I will be glad to be in love with the man I will love.

But I am protecting him from the snakes within, so I better go alone until this is over. I must build myself up, higher than ever, no more killings, no more dyings.

It’s time to make myself harmless, it is time to let go of these human snakes. There are four of them, I can all spot them. Two women, one man, one gay.

They can hypnotize

you, they want to exchange body from you. But they’re not allowed within me any longer.

I must throw them away in the dungeon of fire. I must let them go away from me, I must keep my door open so that they can come out easily.

Otherwise, they’ll be angry if I will imprison them them within me. It’s time to keep it open, for them to come out from me.

I will no longer hold on to them, it’s time to leave them behind. If that snake is within me, then it’s time to leave them, it’s time to set them free from me.

I will move on with my life, they deserve their own peace. I will always leave them, I must go to my friends.

I keep holding on to this snake, that’s why maybe I’m still feeling angry. I must leave these snakes that’s the only way they will leave me.

Leave them behind and they will leave you behind. Leave them in peace and they will leave you in peace. Forget about them and they will forget about you.

Forgive and you will be forgiven. Bless and you will be blessed. Thank and you will be thanked.

Stay away from them and they will stay away from you. Stop fighting them and they will stop fighting you.

Accept them and they will accept you. If they won’t then accept them anyway. Accept them that they can’t accept you and your blessings, then leave them in peace so you too will be left in peace.

If they won’t leave them in peace then accept them anyway, just move on and leave them in peace.

If they can’t forgive you, accept them if they won’t forgive you and move on anyway. If they won’t accept anything in return then accept them and leave them alone anyway.

It’s easy to understand them, just accept them. If they’re angry and you can’t make them love you, just accept them and live anyway.

If you feel like you can’t accept them, just accept yourself and move on. If you’re not being forgiven, just accept them and leave them in peace. Let those who will not forgive also be not forgiven.

Let those who cannot accept will not be accepted. Let those who are against me, be against by many.

Let those who are killing me softly, will be killed softly by many. Let those who angry with me, be angered by many. Let those who will torture me, will be tortured by many. Accept them anyway, then you can move on.

Care less about them, because they knew what they’re doing. Care less about them because they want what they want, so they will have it.

Care less to those who are in vain and many will put them in vain. Let those who are jealoused by me be jealoused by many. Let those those who have trespassed me will also be tresspased by many. I will forgive and accept them anyway.

Whatever their choice maybe, will be respected by me. I will move on in all my ways. Let those who will abandon me, will be abandoned by many. Let those who will accept me, will be accepted by many.

If I am angry, let me be accepted by me and let go of me. If I am angry, let me cool down and accept me for what I am and who I will be. If I am in vain, let me let go of this and move on to the next.

If I can’t let it go because of shame, let me accept me for what I am, so that I will find another way to face this shame in me.

If I kept it hidden and I can’t show you my pain because of shameful stories within, let me accept me so that I will have courage to face this shame.

If I keep it off because I am ashame of where I am living, just accept me for what I am and let me move on my way. Just accept me for what I am so that I will keep it on and open.

If I keep it close because of fear of shameful feedback and fear of bullying, just accept me for what I am afraid of, acknowledge my shame and let them know my pain and my concerns.

I will keep it on and open as long as you’re okay and smiling. Just smile with me and let me go on my way. Just smile with me and let me take on this new journey. Just smile with me and let me heal you dearly.

Just smile with me and I’ll be okay to keep it open for you. Just smile and laugh with me so that I’ll keep it open for you. Just smile okay and let me know you’re okay even if I am having these worries within me and I’ll be happy.

You kept me because I am happy. They took me in because I am happy. I am happy of the chance they gave me. I will do my best, my very very best. I will listen carefully and do it accurately. I will submit on time and I’ll make my TL happy. They will be happy with me because I am happy. Even if I am still a newbie, I am still happy. My happiness will make me the best.

I know I will become the best of all the best because I happiness is a choice. If this is only what it takes to show my very best, then I’ll keep myself happy even if others are acting lonely.

Even if they want me to be unhappy, unfulfilled and empty, so they can bully me and call me names that isn’t okay, I will still choose to be happy. Even if they are my trusted family, a mother, a lover, a whatever person they want to act and be, I will still be happy.

Even if I have no money, I am poor and empty, being gossiped about and being angered and bullied by my enemy, I will still be happy.

Even if they will call me crazy for being happy whole others are lonely, I will still be happy to make them happy.

Even if they act so lonely, I will still be happy because who else will lift them up if I will also be lonely.

Even if I am sad a little I will still be happy at least I am still here for them that they can tap on.

I will remain happy, no matter what they say, because it is for free, you can’t be wrong by being happy.

Did you know that happiness is contagious and healing in some way? It is always healing, so just be happy so that others will also be happy.

Even if they’re angry, just yourself happy because it’s for free. You can never go wrong by staying happy.

Just be happy okay? No matter what will happen, just be happy. I remember jungkookssi told his army, no matter what happen army, just be happy okay?

I will be happy because that’s what makes JK happy, to see his armies happy.

Even if I will be called crazy, I will still be happy, no matter what they would say, I will still be happy. Because it is a choice they cannot take it from me.

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