Accepted (share what resonates)

I am loved.

I am in love.

With you my love.

You’re here for me.

You’ve been hearing me.

I am found in you, you are found in me.

I have been watching you, since you’ve been seeking me.

I am looking at you now just keep it on.

I have been waiting for you since the day I have met you.

You’re always into me, but I’m always with you no matter what you do.

Keep it on, stop saying Jo.

Just say yes, no matter what should you do.

Never let others perceptions dominate you.

They don’t really know you.

You’re more than that, you’re better than that.

You’re way more than that.

Just keep saying yes okay?

I am looking at you! You have dark hair with some crazy look, I am channeling to you, I mean it for you!

I looked at you, I know that you know.

It’s just in a dream but it’s really happening.

Everyone’s excited, but I know you have been trying to keep it.

Just don’t stop it, you need to step up with it.

Step back a little, now look at us clearly, you’re very clairvoyant, that’s what I see.

My God, you’re seeing me from beyond.

Where is this place, I know I live somewhere far.

Wait a minute, I am looking at you in vain. This feeling of pain must really be kept open.

Let him in, he’s coming with me.

My God this is crazy, they’re fucking knew me.

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