How to live longer

Yesterday, I went to the church not because I am perfect but because I am not. I needed spiritual lessons, good thoughts, clean intentions, and true love from the Devine.

Church is a resting place for my soul. It’s so quiet and people is at their respectful mode. We all knew we’ve got all types of personalities and attitude depending on our choice.

So, that’s clear. I went and learned a beautiful message from a priest who recently got infected by COVID-19 virus. Actually, he wasn’t the first, he’s the second priest I heard who got infected and recovered. So he preaches back the good news and how he get over it.

Financial worries was there, but he surrendered everything to the living Lord Jesus and somehow they’re able to find ways. That’s a great miracle that I believe is true, because prayers always worked for me. Prayers with full faith, but those out of rage, it never did. That’s what I have observed.

Oh he emphasized, you cannot live longer if you keep on worrying. Father did that very good point. He teaches us all to surrender, to have faith, to relax, to allow healing, that it will pass and that there’s always a way because he will find a way depending on your belief.

I am writing this, in case I get lost in financial worries, at least this messages will calm me down because I knew it has a point. Trust and believe in yourself and in your natural healing abilities, but help yourself as well by staying relax, thankful and greatful and just surrendering yourself to the healing universe within you.

I am so thankful and grateful for yesterday’s message! 💜

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