Where birds feed on December: The Bird Sanctuary

Yesterday, after the christening of our baby friend, Shawn; we went to see the International Birds, feeding! You know, birds can fly many hours without stopping; I just knew, thanks to “kuya, operator;” whom I’d like to give credit now, for taking this beautiful photo. He said, that some of the birds have trackers; soContinue reading “Where birds feed on December: The Bird Sanctuary”

Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice

When I pushed myself towards the bottom of the pool, I feel myself being able to free-dive. If we pushed ourselves, everyone can do the thing we thought was impossible. I never thought I could dive. But I tried for the sake of having a good video taken. I guess, it really got me motivated.Continue reading “Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice”

Resiliency Building : Learning Free-Diving 1st Session

Today, I had a good time, learning the basics of Free-Diving, its origin and its importance. I always wish I could dive, and I’m always feeling the beauty of being able to swim with the fishes. Today, is the start of that journey to diving. I am so happy that I am able to learnContinue reading “Resiliency Building : Learning Free-Diving 1st Session”