Where birds feed on December: The Bird Sanctuary

Yesterday, after the christening of our baby friend, Shawn; we went to see the International Birds, feeding!

You know, birds can fly many hours without stopping; I just knew, thanks to “kuya, operator;” whom I’d like to give credit now, for taking this beautiful photo.

He said, that some of the birds have trackers; so that those assigned to preserve the birds, can monitor where the birds stops to feed themselves.

So they called the that mangrove place, “Bird Sanctuary.” Where birds is preserved and protected. Where they feel safe and secured, while eating.

There are more than a hundred types birds visiting the sanctuary, and I am so glad to have seen some of them yesterday.

It’s nice to visit there now, because they have this viewing deck renovated; with of course, a new telescope, big and clear.

Aside from the birds, you’ll also enjoy the calmness of the fishes on your way to the viewing deck 🤭. They’re so silent, very very still. Oh not all of them 😁.

Some of the fishes with beautiful colors, hides! I told my friend why, I said, “It’s because they’re aware that they’re pretty; so they hide.” They’re like shy celebraties. Aha!

Ah! She’s got all the fish videos, I will get a copy of those, because I am starting a YouTube Channel, which will feature, cute little things found in nature. I find it very relaxing, and I wanna push it.

Alright! After that, we went inside the Marine Sanctuary. But unfortunately, it was too cold, we couldn’t swim, and our legs were already tired paddling the 🚲.

So, how was your experience at the Sanctuary, tell me if you’ve also enjoyed the view ! 😍

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