Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice

When I pushed myself towards the bottom of the pool, I feel myself being able to free-dive. If we pushed ourselves, everyone can do the thing we thought was impossible.

I never thought I could dive. But I tried for the sake of having a good video taken. I guess, it really got me motivated. The thought of seeing myself progressing and being able to share it in my social media account, is amazing.

I am so lucky, thankful and grateful to have a good company. She took a very good video of me diving. She’s the owner of this booking service Mstep. We can get free Piso fare from there. So here’s the video she took:

I am posting this to let you guys know that if in case you want to hook a flight to Cebu , and want to spend your time Free-Diving, in a pool; there is a pool as deep as 12ft, and it’s at mark hotel and resort. They’ve got plenty of rooms for you to check in too, if you want to enjoy the view the whole afternoon, morning and night.

We really had fun. Me, just having fun chilling. Watching the view and swimmers swim. It’s very relaxing. But I did have my own swimming moment too. Here you go:

It’s a cool video, relax and watch.

That day, I felt a little awkward being surrounded by Korean nationalities. I don’t know how to react to them, I am not sure if I’d be friendly or not. I was just so quiet. I saw people shooting, people practicing the basics of free Diving. They were talking in a foreign language, I did understand anything.

But I smiled at the woman next to our tent. She’s also going to swim that time. I was just observing the entire time. There other groups of people on the other side. There was a flying camera, that went off. Luckily, it’s not at the pool area. I hope they captured me, coz I really wanna see myself on tv just chilling.

Oh, and then, few how’s later, the Filipino families came in; the whole area got so noisy. That was cool. It was really cool. I mean, now I can he noisy since we are understanding each other. But I really hope that there’s one foreigner who’s going to initiate the talk.

I really wanted to talk to them and have good conversations, I just couldn’t connect. It feels like there is nothing to talk about. Maybe if some Korean handsome man likes me, then they’ll probably talk to me first, in English.

Any ideas, how to make Korean friends?

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