Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow

I have been thinking, why not write a topic regarding this thought. It keeps on repeating and I like to dig deeper, learn more and understand its greatness.

“Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow” is a goal that I’d like to see.

I think that when you are in a group of people, whether at work or in any social gatherings, the collaboration is always a must, because it will unite the entire team.

I think that competition within the group is a no no, except if it’s only for fun, like extracurricular activities, sports, singing and dancing competitions, games, etc.

But when it comes to achieving the overall performance of the function that you are currently in, I think it would be better to not compete against each other.

Seeing the difference between the two approach will really make a difference. I think it’s really good and it’s really really good to hear that everyone feels the oneness of any team they are in.

The ability to roam around, without restrictions, being free towards each other in a really different way, builds a quality of a happy member of a group as a whole or in a specific team.

People stays where they feel happy, safe, listened, cared, understood, respected and educated. People’s motivation is when they can see themselves growing in the future.

It’s when they’re learning new things that makes them feel proud and confident about themselves that keeps them motivated. It’s a self reflection by the way.

I am really rooting in keeping this kind of environment I want to put myself in; to surround myself with those like-minded people and we want to keep it, so let’s support ways like that.

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