Thoughts of yesterday, ends today

It has been affecting me, emotionally. A single thought of being neglected… … made me feel so uneasy… it’s affecting my efficiency… … it’s no longer healthy for me. My mind is full of uneasiness… … it’s making me feel the least… … it keeps repeating like it’s never ending. I was manifesting the worst,Continue reading “Thoughts of yesterday, ends today”

Slow Breathing, Helps you relax

Today, I meditated. It helped me remember the best way to meditate. I have read it somewhere, but it says “Breathe slowly” like you’re being careful not to hear your own breathing. It felt great! It was a long long rest I wanted to have, but it was only for 30 minutes. Nature heals andContinue reading “Slow Breathing, Helps you relax”

If it doesn’t sound good, why bother think about it? Sometimes, ignorance is the key

Life is simple, yet others wants to complicate it; creating intentional dramas to make you feel bad and cry like a baby. Thank goodness! I am no longer a baby, I just looked like one; ah, sometimes, I feel like one too! But this time, only with someone who cares. The rest can be ignored;Continue reading “If it doesn’t sound good, why bother think about it? Sometimes, ignorance is the key”

If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!

May this Christmas brings you joy, love, appreciation, new opportunities, new experiences; and above all, new love, fresh from the start. May we start forgiving so we can let go of our grudges; only then, we can be happiest. Life is full of surprises; it is when you accept failures, mistakes, lacks, etc.; that weContinue reading “If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!”

Not all rejections are negative. Sometimes, it means you’re overqualified.

“Let go of the things that weigh you down; including thoughts about people who are often against your ideas; because who are they in this BIG Universe to make you feel unheard.” Sometimes, when we want to help, because we knew what is best; even if it’s hard; we became the bad girl/boy. Even ifContinue reading “Not all rejections are negative. Sometimes, it means you’re overqualified.”

Today, is a new day. Better than yesterday.

I woke up, not knowing, where I’m at. It felt strange, I’m out of my mind. Couldn’t make up my mind. These friends chatted, makes me feel alive. Jumping off my bed, eager to take the shower, excited to go to work; changing my clothes and wearing a nice dress to face the day! It’sContinue reading “Today, is a new day. Better than yesterday.”

Fall softly and always have fun

Yesterday, I went for a jog. It’s my 5th Monday and I’m doing good so far. The weather was good and I was blessed. I saw feathers everywhere; it presents itself without me finding it. Look at these feathers… Aren’t they beautiful? It was a stressful week for me, and I was restored by theseContinue reading “Fall softly and always have fun”

Think what’s next, instead of what’s not

I learned so much about my life experiences, and one of the best lesson I have, is to think what’s next instead of what’s not. Sometimes, people overthink too much. When “What’s not” is being triggered, they often gets stuck. Overthinking about the past that’s related to what’s not. I realized, that it’s a wasteContinue reading “Think what’s next, instead of what’s not”

Money was not the problem. I was just unhappy.

When I was young, I am not aware that we actually needed money; because back in the province, our foods are free. I saw kids having monies but only buy junk-foods, “I’d rather not have it,” I said to myself. But when I started going to school, I acknowledge the need of money to buyContinue reading “Money was not the problem. I was just unhappy.”

“Smiling” as an act of full acceptance. You may now stop freezing

Once, there was a child, wondering what life was; observant of her surroundings, learning from others, eager to help. Doubts creeps in, she wanted to make sure; she looked, compared, see the difference, and change. Was it cheating? In school, it was; but in life, it wasn’t; because if you won’t open your eyes now,Continue reading ““Smiling” as an act of full acceptance. You may now stop freezing”