Kindness is the key to forgiveness

Oh, I have written a lot but I wasn’t able to save it; I forgive myself. Now I have to re-write the whole thing I’d like to share with you. I wrote, I was struggling about forgiveness and kindness really helped me forgive a little bit easier than before. Of course, it’s not overnight; itContinue reading “Kindness is the key to forgiveness”

Believe in yourself, learn to say NO

I was recording about believing in yourself and learning to say NO and its importance in Anchor. You will find it in Spotify if you search my channel “Transformers.” In that audio, I was talking about meeting someone who sound so sure about me; they didn’t ask the questions, they just assume. The lesson IContinue reading “Believe in yourself, learn to say NO”

Sit still and be silent; I learned that from watching a tree

So today, I jogged for a bit. It was only a quickie jog, just to make my body working and waking; really helps my blood circulating. After that, I sit for awhile and observe my surroundings. I saw a tree, just sitting still, being so quiet. Oh heaven it is! Now that trees are myContinue reading “Sit still and be silent; I learned that from watching a tree”

Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego

Okay, we all have problems in life; we feel betrayed, we feel abandoned, we feel manipulated, we feel used; we’re blamed, we’re in pain; we made mistakes. And when ego comes in, you just can’t accept why they did it to us; but you know what? Sometimes, it’s not because of us; most of theContinue reading “Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego”

Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal

Two years ago, I have finally visited Mt. Manunggal. Two years after, I came back to camp and to visit the rock formation. It’s always in my heart, to be back there and we finally did it, April 9, 2023; with a couple. I always feel happy whenever I am surrounded by lovers. Now IContinue reading “Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal”

The Power of saying “NO” and how Patience Helps

Earlier today, I am the street going to Manunggal; waiting for a Vhire that will take me to Cebu City. While waiting, a tricycle driver ask if he can bring me to the nearest terminal where I can surely get a ride going home. I clearly said “NO I’ll just wait for a Vhire thatContinue reading “The Power of saying “NO” and how Patience Helps”

Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you

Emotional pain? It’s making people go angry, crazy and make bad decisions; like hurting people and of course avoiding anything that triggers it. It puts you to fear and anxiety. All kinds of emotions gets triggered when you’re in pain; you just can’t understand. Like love, it can’t be understood, you just knew it existed.Continue reading “Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you”

Every painful experience is an opportunity to grow

I had so much painful experiences; from being too pushy to being paranoid like my mom; but most of the time, I am just relaxed. Although, like giving birth to a new you or a new world, new connections; like giving birth to a big child, you must feel the pain, hold it until it’sContinue reading “Every painful experience is an opportunity to grow”

Prioritize yourself, don’t be an option

I met someone; he always made me feel like an option, because I made myself available and everyone’s busy to be with him; but when they’re all available for him, he made me the least of the priority because he knew I’ll always be around him, clinging when noone’s watching; pity, isn’t it. But youContinue reading “Prioritize yourself, don’t be an option”

Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time

If you really wanted it, you won’t find excuses; you will do it right away, the situation doesn’t matter. But if you don’t really want it, you’ll have lots of excuses, delays, etc. I confessed to a friend, that I liked him and that I’m actually so connected with him. I asked if he everContinue reading “Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time”