Gifted to Give

Yesterday was a bliss! I am officially a God Mother. I am so happy that I got invited. Met old and new acquaintances both from school and work. It was an awesome gathering! Thank you family! Now I have a child to sponsor during Christmas, birthdays and special gatherings. It’s an opportunity to practice myContinue reading “Gifted to Give”

Sex Education : Reaction Paper

So, like everyone else, I’ve also watched the movie out of curiosity. It was indeed a sex education but it’s more than just sex, it’s more of like developing a good perception about the organs involved in sex activities. So, it’s empowering, both man and woman. It’s not only focusing on sex but also lifeContinue reading “Sex Education : Reaction Paper”

Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova

Life is a miracle, we must rejoice it and celebrate while we still have it. Yesterday was a blast! With friends, I got replenished. While negativities were released, positive vibes now added. I am indeed one of the blessed. Those precious times worth the wait. Planted in our minds before it happened. Thanks to theContinue reading “Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova”

The Importance of Communication and Making Quick Decisions

Hey it’s Vacation time! Right now I’m in my sofa bed and just chilling. I want to write about something cool. I had an experience when I was 13 years old, HS time! I was taking our midterm or final exam in.. I totally forgot but anyway, I had a problem choosing whether to doContinue reading “The Importance of Communication and Making Quick Decisions”

Allowing Effortless Relaxation

I just came back from my morning troll at the Millenium Park, my next schedule would be to go to church but I would insert this writing habit for a bit. I had this question in mind, “How can I allow myself to relax, to not tense, to calm down, with ease.” Now I gotContinue reading “Allowing Effortless Relaxation”

Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It

I heard a monk once said, “We have a dog like personality within us, we bark everytime we see something new.” Then I heard from Millionaires Saying I got from facebook that, “If you keep on barking everytime someone throws a stone at you, you will never reach your destination on time.” I guess that’sContinue reading “Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It”

Purisima Mountain View – Getting out from my Comfort Zone #11

So, I saw this post on Facebook about Purisima Mountain View and my friends got interested too. So we kind of talked about it in the comment section and decided to go on the Sunday. The budget was only P500 pesos and we still have more pesos left. It was an amazing plan because itContinue reading “Purisima Mountain View – Getting out from my Comfort Zone #11”

When it’s getting harder

Go for it, when it’s getting harder. I figured out that the hardest decisions are the righteous ones. It’s when you start giving up because you feel like you can’t do it anymore. It’s when you feel like there’s nothing more you can do, because if you would you’ll die. It’s like climbing up anContinue reading “When it’s getting harder”

This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation

Good day! I’m still cooking rice so I will write while waiting until it’s cooked. These days, oh in the past few days, the past few months, the past few years, noises have been my greatest pitfalls. It’s my trigger, I got angry when it happened and I struggled a lot. I figured out somethingContinue reading “This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation”

Squid Game – Reaction

I finished watching the Squid Game Movie the other day but my brother doesn’t, so I had to rewatch the last two episodes today. I thought of exercising my Writing skill and give it a review. What I learned from Movie – I learned that betting on luck is not a good choice. It isContinue reading “Squid Game – Reaction”