Illusion (see if it resonates)

It’s not close, it’s always open.

It’s always open, that’s what I said.

You hear me, it’s open, but you won’t believe.

Open it up, it’s really open.

You don’t need a key to make a way.

You don’t have to push to breakthrough.

You only have to move the door aside.

There are many way to open it.

Try to explore many ways.

If it’s not pushing, then maybe pulling.

If not pulling up, then maybe pulling down.

If not pushing forward, maybe stepping backward.

It’s only you who knew how to open it.

JK said, he stepped back a little.

I guess it is right, maybe it will work for you right.

You have the key but you’re not doing anything to keep it open.

It’s never locked, there’s never a key, all you need is a little step backward to open it up.

It’s an illusion, it’s not the truth. I can always open it up sideways.

Mine is different, yours is different.

Take what resonates, leave everything for the rest.

I said sideways.

Published by Roselyn

Hi! I'm Roselyn! The first and only daughter of my father. He's a farmer and I am so proud of him for raising me and accepting me as his own. I believe that Broken families are meant to be broken for good. As a product, I always feel in-secured about family coz I think I don't have one and I am left alone; but the truth is, I still have them, they just went separate ways and I just have to accept that and move on. It's my only insecurity, I have no place to call my home coz my parents doesn't have one. They're broken after all. I'm going to make a family and it will start with me.

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