New Way (take only what resonates)

To the cousins who doesn’t know how to say sorry.

To the cousins who have been given mercy but doesn’t know how to say thank you.

To his family who are always faking me, to everyone close to this man.

I am daring you to leave me behind. I am fine, I am always fine.

Please leave! You’re no longer needed. I thought you needed something so I have mercy over you.

But now I know you’re actually faking it all since the day I’ve met you.

Please leave, you are no longer needed. I have given you mercy already, but what have you done to me.

Even if you will be feeded grapes and all the good things in the universe you will still kill just like the other cousins.

So please leave, you are no longer needed. You want to be my servant? You are not accepted.

No one will accept you, because you are snake biting your own master.

You have been helped I thought you needed help, but when you’re strong enough you have only show me the wrong way.

Killing me from behind, you think I didn’t know a thing.

Someone’s watching you, someone knows you from behind. Someone sees you, someone is watching you.

My dearest friend betrayed by this ugly cousin, being trusted but being bitten behind.

Oh dearest black magician who wants to kill me from behind, will no longer have face to face me because of the deeds they have done to me.

Leave! Just leave! You are no longer needed.

You have no longer served me. You have only belittled me. Oh my God, I am blinded by this, I am not seeing this coming.

Just leave, you are no longer needed. I am now capable of doing everything on my own.

I am not a cripple, I am just an actor. You are not needed, I just have mercy over you. But I am fine you know?

I am just acting as if I needed something, so that I can serve you. But I will put this charm to an end, it is time to show them who the real master is.

I have learned something, I have seen this thing clearly as it seems. My door is always open for you to leave.

I hope you won’t return, do not return. Just leave okay? I am fine, I am totally fine. I have to show them I am, so that they will become my servant so that I will have the reason to serve them back.

But what they did to me is nothing, something I can get from anybody around. Just leave, you are not needed.

I am always here to stand my way, these people no longer needed me. They’re adults, fucking adults who just want to serve me even if I am no longer needing them in anyway.

I must stand up above. I must show them I cannot give up, I must show them I can stand on my own without them.

I know I am not needed, just like they’re not needed, just leave! I can do it on my own. I am not a cripple, I am an intelligent human being, who can make money on my own.

I’ve got everything, I don’t need any servant from a family just so I can help them.

I am actually fine, I have so much friends around, I have all the opportunities behind. I have everything in place somewhere.

I am fine, who said I am not. I am all grown up, since the day I was born. I have decided to walk on my own, to cook for my own, to work on my own, to be myself like my friends does.

I am fine, I know I am fine. The servants made me feel weak, made me feel useless and a hypocrite.

I am fine, I don’t need a servant, it’s time for me to shine and succeed so I can share it to the world who are badly in need.

I am being called to help more, to those who are willing to value me and accept for who I am and what I am.

I am called to be with those people who are always happy around me. I am called to shine the world and share my success with my team members.

I am who I am, I will become who I want to be. I will be me. I will ask the devils to leave me. I don’t need servants around. I am fine, I am fine.

I can cook on my own, I can make money on my own now. I do not need security, so I will open a new way.

Making way with Union bank is another way for me. A secret fund for travels, a secret fund for me. I hope BPI will make home for me. I will slowly work on it. I will make my travel funds open for my housing plan as well.

Cebuana will be for my charms, beautiful stones and decorations on my way. For my house designs. I don’t need a big house, I just need a house full of good memories and dreams that will soon be fulfilled.

With people that I want to be, with friends who are always with me, and with the unlimited communities I am a part in this journey.

I will be happy to see the best part of me. Of course my salary will stay inside my unlimited source of income. I will be sharing it to different banks to be utilize by the community.

This time, I will be opening up many doors for me, not just one but many. I will open many bank accounts for fun. To create a huge amount of funds.

A new way for me.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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