Writers (please take what resonates)

I will search for a topic then I will research about it.
I will read and rewrite it like I own it.
I will make it mine.
I will recreate it confidently.

I am always into writing, I want to keep writing.
My soul keeps searching for something to write about a specific thing.
Right now it’s about writers writing their pieces.
Next time it’s up to me.I am with you in this, because I am one of those in your writers community.

We will be writing for good, to express our thing.
For me it’s to express my thoughts about a thing.
I will give opinions about a issues specially related to emotional problem.
That’s what I am focusing on write now, because I feel like it really affect everybody’s lives these days.

I am a writer, writing someone else’s thing.
To help them express themselves through reading.
I think I have something that they kept on wanting.
Only me can express it because others don’t know a thing.
I am writing.

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