I will celebrate my 1 month of training, 2 months at work, 3 months at work, 4 months at work, 5 months at work, 6 months at work, 7 months at work, and of course my regularization day!

I will celebrate and treat them food, few of my family and friends.
I will keep on celebrating my 8 months at work, 9 months at work, and finally 10 months at work, 11 months and of course a year at work! Congratulations in advance.

Now I will keep on celebrating my 13th month at work, 14th month at work, 15th month at work, 16th month at so on until my 24th month of work! Two years at work! I will keep on celebrating monthly with a cake! And a little money to my retirement plan.

I am working for my retirement benefits as well as my retirement funds that never ends. I will share it to people who will need it. If it’s their time to retire then I will share it to them.
I will buy houses that will also be shared to them because who else will. I will be preparing for my retirement funds to be shared with my other family members.

I will keep on celebrating that day I am blessed. I will keep on remembering the days I have spent at my new company.
I will be online with them, I will be meeting them. I will be happy to see them.
I will be able to meet up with them and join them.
I will see both familiar faces and new faces.
I will be able to get to know people and be known for being a good provider and a good performer.

I will celebrate everyday of my life that I am waking up.
I will celebrate everyday of my life that I have a job, I have support team, I have higher managers, I am not being abandoned. I am being listened to. I deserve to perform better. I deserve to be better.
I am going to perform live, and that’s okay, I will be trained anyway.
Everyone from the company will be with me, I will be assisted them all throughout the way.

It will be like gaming, I must keep myself trainable. I will keep myself open for my other business and other responsibilities.
I will keep myself open for more areas of improvement.
I will be one of the best, I am already as long as I am doing the best I can be, because these people are running with time. It’s time to relax while having fun doing my thing. It’s time to listen and become a great listener. There’s no time for sleep, because sleep is only for people who doesn’t want to share.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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