Fear of NO answer

I found herself stressing, depressing, not moving, not sharing, just stopping herself and hoping that her feeling will soon end.

She couldn’t share to anyone because it is something confidential, she will be put to a prison figure if she would.

So I told her, you’ve got friends who care, you have to learn to trust them. I told her to stand up and ask the truth about her confusions.

I told her to smile and relax, watch her facial expression and her body movements. I told her to move, check who’s around you.

If everyone is focused and you have no one to talk to and ask help when you really needed to clarify or do something, just do it.

Do it for you, no one else will help you. Even if they’ll think you are an idiot for asking a simple question, just do it, it’s a sign that you’re a good listener.

If you have to clarify something, do it before everybody left, they wouldn’t care, do it confidently, you will be all right. Help yourself, do it for your self.

You cannot keep on asking someone to poop or release something for you just because you don’t know where and how. You gotta ask permission to leave sir, I’ll be back later.

She’s confusing about how to open up, what if she’s going to be wrong. So I told her to remind herself that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to ask questions, it’s okay to relax and have fun, everybody does that.

Just have fun because you know that you’re a master in everything that you. Just have fun because you know you will be supported and answered by your leader if you needed help.

Even if they are busy doing their thing and sometimes you won’t be attended immediately, just stay calm and say, “I can’t get wrong by being happy and relax.”

People likes people who are happy and relax because it will make them look and feel good about themselves. So just be happy in front of your angels.

If you’re afraid of super rejection like if someone said NO to you, just smile and remember the song ON of BTS. JK likes that.

Listen to a song, read, become assertive, ask questions instead of help. Just do it. Just ask that question, it is just a clarification, if you’re really confused then do it and make it a habit to ask a question.

Relax, there’s no right or wrong question as long as it is not asking for approval. Ask for clarity instead of appreciation and approval. Remember that everyone’s busy, they’ve got something else to do, so do it now.

Most importantly, listen carefully so you will get the right question to ask or to answer. Sometimes, the answer to your questions are in the end of the topic.

If they moved on, just ask that clarification instead of assuming. They will like it because they knew that you’re listening. If you have no questions, just say you’re fine.

No answer means they’re still seeking answers for you. If you got the NO answer maybe you’re searching for approval without stating your concerns.

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