Baby adult, what’s the difference

A baby adult is acting, she’s really acting and it pisses me off.
But an adult baby has a heart of a baby with an adults mind.
She’s responsible, she’s vulnerable, she cab handle pressure, she can handle pain, she’s a risk taker and she’s professional in all her ways.

Are you a baby adult of an adult baby.
Stop acting childish, you’re no longer a baby.
Look at yourself in the mirror, you’re beautiful and free.
You’ve got pretty legs, you’ve got pretty eyes, pretty lips, pretty hair, and pretty body type as well
Everyone wants it, rejoice it, now or never.
You’re so lucky to have that type of body.
You are so beautiful inside and out.

Look at you in the mirror, look at your photos, it’s real, you’re real.
You’re beautiful, you’re a body within a soul.
You’re amazing, you’re marvelous.
A friend told you, you’re a beauty queen.
Just wear those beautiful skirts, be an adult wearing those dress, otherwise they’ll think you’re crazy for not really doing the right thing.

There’s someone who is a bad influence to me, an old lady who’s sometimes acting like a baby, it’s so crazy.
I can only hope she will act like a real adult all the time so she will also be healed.
Sometimes, I am also like that, but she’s becoming a good listener now.
She won’t be talking alone, playing with her thoughts and her dirty imaginations.

She’s adulting and learning how to say thank you. I am not sorry, I made a mistake, I acknowledge that.
My ego stopped from being sorry, I must apologize but not be sorry. I will be sorry to myself, I will ask forgiveness to myself, I will forgive myself and accept my sorry even if they won’t accept mine.
It’s not self pity, it’s called a friendly way.
I am happy, I will always be happy.
Because I know my friend spoiled me. I am always accepted, I am always remembered, I am always thanked. I am always valued. I am always recognized for every little thing that I contributed.

I am so happy, I am so thankful and grateful.
I am on my way to give my business a heads up. I will be helping both family, that’s what she wants, a balance.
Alrhought I kept on sabotaging it, because of my past memories, I will still be happy listening to her.
She has to be followed because she’s balancing it.
I am going to listen to her, or who else will.

She belong to herself, no longer to other self.
I must take action because it is needed.
I will take care of everything, specially the distribution of my finances.
Tools for business, I am always looking at it.
Lamenation, printing, scanning, xerox, emailing, business cards, papers, band papers, artpapers, ballpens, office supplies.

Then I will have to get that business permit if they wanted it. For now, I’ll just get all the things intact. I’ll take it slow, it’s not running away anyway. But I will not let my fear take my dreams away. I will start a little, someday it will be bigger.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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