Work and play

Work and play, that’s how you call it a day.
Be happy, that’s a choice, you better do it.
Love yourself, today is a beautiful day!
Speak yourself, you have the right to ask.
Be clarified, you are more than deserving.
Smile, you are worthy, prosperous and friendly.
Don’t frown, it’s not necessary, no one likes it really.
Just work and play, have fun with your problem, and know that there’s always a way.
You get through all these things, you can make it all right.

You are better, way better than this.
You are loved, pray for them, just let them bless her.
She’s playing, allow her to play along with them.
Be happy, just be happy, pray that the government will be protecting them.
It’s cool to be true, specially when you’re oldy.
These mistakes just make it all right.
You can make it right. In finance, you will only get fined, or fired, you’re not going to kill nor be killed, so relax.

You’re only handling less pressured work, I know you will be happy with it.
It’s a cool business, anyone can survive with time.
If you can make it until 5 Years it will be a bless.
I can get that two story house and get that business permit to sell underneath that house.
Travel and tours, booking, photocopying, billing, all of it.
Just be happy, mistakes can be done wisely, you can always hit recover, and pray from recovery even if you’re playing ugly.

I will pray that the people around me will love me, accept me and cherish me.
Although I can’t force them to do it a certain way. I am still young, there’s always hope, I can always get that house done.

It’s time to get it, for me to have it.
It’s better to have dependents than you being the dependent.
It’s better to be independent than being overly dependent.
It’s okay to get help, you’re not perfect.
It’s okay to not be perfect, you still have a room to become the best.
It’s okay to be ugly, that only means you can still be pretty.
It’s okay to be insecured that means more blessings will come your way.

Pray for the best, let go of the rest.
Go work and play don’t take things seriously.
You’re still learning, depressing isn’t playing.
Do your best, become the best, a solution to being called the least.
Even if you are the least, you are always the best.
Even if you’re so quiet and friendly just don’t let them see the friends that connects you and me.
I am being blessed, these people are backing me up.

It’s okay you’ll be fine, just keep it open like G.C.
Be in love, what the fuck, they don’t care, whatever.
Show them the real you, of course it’s up to you.
The best is here, it will always be here.
Dance with them, have fun with them.
Man, this is life, you’re a faker if you’re not showing them you’re real skin.
Be confident, even if you have lost your way
But I guess you weren’t, you just took it so you can differentiate it.
Now you’be been there, you can understand life of a single.

Be happy, accept them, don’t be empty.
Let them be friendly, just be friendly anyway.
Circumstance is just part of it, strengthening your faith, strengthening your clarity.
Everybody knows you can do it.
You have been there despite of all those mistakes you’ve made.
It’s not about how good you are, because again everything can be learned overtime.
It’s about how honest you are in your response.

During training you are being evaluated, not based on your intelligence but based on your ability to get things done.
Attitude wins over all those riches.
Honesty wins over anything.
Happiness wins, gratitude wins over anything.
No need to hurry, no need to worry.
Be productive, mistakes always exist specially if you’re new to this.
Just be an employee instead of a trainee.
You can make it through, that’s what my friend said so.
This is not being an attention seeker or like being silly, this is based on performance and your ability to handle things.

It’s better to share, it’s better to be happy.
It’s all that matters, being able to help someone real.
I will take that attitude, I will make it realistic.
I can make it right, I know I can.
With my clothes on, I am better, I am more than better.
I can enjoy everything, I can make things right.
I believe in JK, a friendly BTS baby.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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