Do your part!

Laziness is a bliss to some people who are workaholic! Who else would give them that job if everyone’s doing their thing.

But if everyone is lazy and just acting like they don’t know anything, so that they will do everything, then you’re fooled.

It’s okay to be called that even if you’re not, but don’t forget to share and do what you’re asked to do, do it for you.

Feel the greatness and the betterness of the heart, every time you get things done, your heart will shine, your brain smiles!

Help if you must and if you’re asked, but if it’s not your task, just keep your mouth shut. But guess what, it’s okay to help, people are happy to receive help.

There’s nothing wrong with helping as long as you’re not doing anything. It’s okay to share and let them correct your thing, it’s their choice, it’s their decision, whether they will believe it it or not, you’ve shared your thing.

Do your part, and they will do their part, always take things easily, it will calm down everybody. Even if you’re already stressed and freaking out, remember your training. A life training that’s really powerful and it really made me feel like I am the one!

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