Getting over you

We can’t give up so easily right, we must wait until it will finally get right.
But we can’t do it the same way if it’s not working the right way.
We must get over it and try another way.
Everyone will wait, this isn’t something serious, this isn’t my fault, it’s because of COVID-19.
It shouldn’t happen, they could have helped us on the floor but this happens for a reason, I must take it and learn to accept it.
I will be getting over it, we must, we can’t get stuck this way.
I’ve done my part, I will wait for further instructions and do as they say.

You are great and you’re amazing, we can’t force things that won’t cooperate with us.
We must let it sit, relax, and wait for the right time to make things all right.
Rest assured there’s always second batch if you will not make it this time.
You’ve been there, remember? You can do it, you can never give up, you still have to solve this place. You’ve already solved it.
You’re getting over it.
You can do it! You have always done it.
There is no struggles that you cannot overcome.
It will only be solved with time.
It will be solved tonight, we must solve it in whatever way.
Even if we have to call the president just to help us with this matter, we will do, I’ll be right here beside you.

We will never leave you behind. It’s not true, we’ve got your back, you’re special to us.
Just be happy, and be relax and fine, no need to worry because help will run away.
Just smile okay? You promise me not to worry and we will be right behind you supporting you in all your ways.
We can understand, hello, we’re also humans.
We’re all in this together just like COVID-19.
You’ll be able to catch up, you know right?
You can, because you can, it maybe too late but not too late since there are still others who still didn’t get their PC’s.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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