Another morning has come, same place, almost the same time. Some have awakened, the rest are still sleeping.

It was raining, my training kept on going. I am so blessed, I have survived. Not only me, but the rest who were with me.

We’re all in this together, just like COVID-19. We may live differently but in the end we’re all waking up for almost the same reasons.

Others doesn’t know theirs, but I know mine. I may sleep in the morning, wake up at night, same reason why you’re waking up.

Fighting for your dreams, fighting for your goals, keeping yourself updated. There’s no other happiness than confirming that you can what they can.

You must keep on learning, even if others hated it. They are those who doesn’t understand the value of the knowledge you have stored in mind.

Lucky are those who appreciate your skills for they will benefit it, you deserve the best, you must let go of the rest.

Praise them who have seen your potential and show them they’re right, a thank for a kindness that cannot be undone.

This will become a history, one of the best, amazing, everyone’s watching, hoping to be one of them.

Another day has come, should I just sit or do something different. The wise will hassle, keeping themselves up and running.

You can’t get stuck, otherwise you’re doing I wrong. There must be another way, think differently.

Now have to walk, my neighbor have woken up. Time to be active doing something else. Boredom only belongs to those who doesn’t have schedules.

I am excited to see what’s up ahead of me, now that I know the reason why they’ve chosen me.

Something good is going to happen to me today. It happened awhile ago, waking up and ending up my class happy!

Published by Roselyn

Hi! I'm Roselyn! The first and only daughter of my father. He's a farmer and I am so proud of him for raising me and accepting me as his own. I believe that Broken families are meant to be broken for good. As a product, I always feel in-secured about family coz I think I don't have one and I am left alone; but the truth is, I still have them, they just went separate ways and I just have to accept that and move on. It's my only insecurity, I have no place to call my home coz my parents doesn't have one. They're broken after all. I'm going to make a family and it will start with me.

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