Not all perfect are bullies

Sometimes you can’t get in even if you have everything.
Sometimes you just can’t even if you keep on repeating.
No matter how many times you enter, you can’t still get in.
The results will still be no items found.

You know what that is? Even if you have everything, that doesn’t mean you will be chosen.
It hurts, it really hurts but that’s the truth.
Everybody’s going far, and you’re still here stuck in this door not able to get in no matter how hard you keep on knocking.
Maybe you’ve got a wrong number but you know it’s not. Something went wrong and you just can’t get right.

Everyone’s wondering why you can’t still give the right answer, it’s because you can’t see, what they can see.
You’re not yet there, but you’re not helpless. Just think outside of the box.
An Angel came back to guide you the way, all you have to do is remove something specific that’s filtering the rest of the entry.

If you want to see the world and it’s entirety try to look at the big picture, try not to filter your reality, maybe what you’re looking for belongs to the other side of reality.
Just like that movie I have seen, it talks about parallel universes, but what’s the point right?

Actually there is a point, it’s the truth, we must all travel. Filtering limits your ability to see the rest that are none specific. You’ve got to remove it, otherwise you will be left behind unaided. But if it happens anyway, then just be honest.

Honesty is the best policy, it’s for everybody, it is for you and the rest who cares about you. If you’re honest, they’ll be able to help you. Just like not all perfect will be chosen, same goes with not all perfect are bullies. Sometimes they are angels who are going to lift you up whenever you needed help.

Yes, not all perfect are bullies, not all perfect are chosen, sometimes you’ve got to take your filters away so you can get in. Masking is a flag you’re not allowed to get in without further investigating.
If you want to go farther, then you must remove all your filters. This is 2020, this isn’t 1960. A year where bullies fly away, masking themselves in fear of being exposed.

So be honest everybody, not all perfect are bullies, sometimes they’re the most compassionate, the kindest and the most helpful human beings you will ever know on earth. I am a living proof they existed. I have a story that will touch. It will touch your lives.

When I was broke and I have nothing left, no family to trust they’re mostly the reason of my psychological issues. I kept my heart open, I listened to a friend I am no longer seeing. He was something knew, I thought he’s going to bully me, but he’s the first person who doesn’t pitty on me, instead he cries for me because I was such a liar I thought I am fine.

He laughs at my corny jokes, call me weird but it sounds sweet. He’s the first person who gave me coins, but it is not just a coin, it is given unconditionally, freely without expecting something in return. It’s a beautiful feel it’s almost too good to be true, in fact it was, it really was.

Took me years until now that I met friends who have been so kind to me just like the man I thought was just a dream but he’s actually real. I hope he’s fine, I hope someday he’ll find a way to reach out with me. I believe he’s so far away, I can only get in touch to people like him, also extraordinary but living differently.

Accessible neighbors, once unknown to me, now we’re going through almost the same journey. They’re almost perfect but they’re not bullies. Unlike someone I thought was perfect but wasn’t that’s why they’re bullies. The truth will set you free, and it’s the truest truth you will ever know.

Sometimes you just have to keep your heart open and not set that default filter, then the right people will flow right in front you. Are you ready to see what others are seeing? Reaping what they’ve been sowing? Remove that default mindset, keep it open, not all perfect are bullies, it’s okay to get to know them. It’s a great opportunity to learn, just listen and read before answering.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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