Weekly Relax

It’s a long long day today, I can feel it already.
It’s been so long since I have appreciated this long vacation day.
Though it is just one day, but this time, I can feel it longer.
No need to rush on things, that’s what I learned from reading.
The more you rush, the more mistakes you will get.
The more you’re relax, the better you will perform, the more productive and accurate you will become.

I am happy, I slept so well, I was so relaxed beforehand.
Someone helped me how to relax my mind.
To relax the body you must let go of tension.
Not through your brain but with your body again.
It’s so beautiful, it’s so sexy, I am having fun with it.
This weekend felt so good.
It’s making me feel great. I’be accomplished a lot of things, from shopping, to cleaning, as well as writing. Relaxing, going out, eating healthy meals.

Thanks to my company who have been so kind to me.
I must be thankful and grateful of all the blessings I am recieving day by day.
Although it may not be forever, but the impact to me makes my life so much better. Who knows, this will take longer. I will be the luckiest if it will. When God listens, everything is possible, just call on his name.

I am so blessed, despite my mental stress.
Not at work, but of my mental thoughts.
It’s stealing my focus, but I am handling it better than it was before.
I know I can this time, I better try it.
I was young, now I am older.
I understand the value of this gift, I must take care of it.
It’s too big, comes a great responsibility, I needed God to help me.
And he’s been so kind, he’s sending me.
A new me that is open to any kind of help and updates to cheer me up.

Sunday was a great day, waking up, dancing, relaxing, traveling.
Saturday, I was making 2 sales, isn’t that amazing?
Something good is happening, I better be prepared of it.
Another two orders, soon as pandemic will end.
I am praying for Cebu as well as Lapu Lapu.
We may get through this, safe and happy.
Someone has to return home, he’s giving us headaches.
It’s spoiling my day but not my weekend holiday!
I am so thankful for this amazing one day that makes me feel so distress and happy. I hope I will live day by the day, without being stressed of whatever metrics I have to achieve. It’s okay to be pressured but not to be stressed out. It’s their right to pressure us, after all it’s helping us become the best version of performer we can be.

Another book will be started. I am reading it.
Hoping that it will help me become productive.
As long as I am applying it, maybe I will become better at it.
Soon or the soonest, I will be taking leaps.
Leap of faith to try sell something great!
It will open up opportunities, should someone trust me in the end.
Of course I still have to be patient, because I still have to be trained effortlessly, with all that certificate.
I believe if I have it, I am going to make it.

Thanks be to a friend who have been so optimistic.
I am so lucky, I am being guided and advised appropriately.
I will be okay, no matter what they say.
The universe is helping me.
I think they’re not forcing me.
They don’t care, it’s up to me.
The result is mine, they just hope they can help me. Please pressure me, but please avoid stressing me. I guess they have no control which one I will be focusing. Is it stressing or pressuring? In the end it’s my choice that wins, no matter how stressful the situation is. I will feel the pressure, because I am used to it, and I am already having with it.
Thanks to all the reminders, I am feeling taken cared of, I am not abandoned.
First time in my life that I am being believed.
Of course I was being honest.

It’s okay to be honest so that you will be uplifted.
It’s okay to be corrected so that you will become clear in thoughts, your good intentions will be applied.
It’s okay to be insecure, sometimes, of course you are human.
I may not have that perfect family, a perfect place, aka home, not everybody knows it, but I have a God who’s preparing something great for me, a home for me.
Something big, something open for everybody.
Unlike what they’ve shown me, I’ll become the opposite of those that I hate.
It’s going to be another journey, another achievement to own.

Later on, I will thank myself for being so proactive, and being so patient. I am still mastering how to be assertive. Unlearning those old habits from my false beliefs that’s no longer helping me jump to higher to the next level.

Praying for good this weekdays.
I hope I can dance a new dance everyday and I am feeling good every time I wake up.
Not thinking of limitations and alarm clock.
When the pressure is turned on, I will just relax.
Remembering that it will help me focus.
When trouble comes I will just relax, just like that fire that almost took our home.
I came out so relaxed, keeping myself safe, I was able to think.

Proofs are everywhere, even you can cheer. Because it’s true, it’s proven by many.
One of the great asset of my model Minho is his ability to relax, despite of the pressures thrown to him. He doesn’t get stressed, that’s what I heard. His laugh shows it, he’s having fun and feeling so relaxed with everything.
I want to embody that, it’s really awesome.
It makes everyone around you feel so loved and happy.
I guess I am just so lucky, I mean really.
I will be the Luckiest if I got to shake his hands.
I wonder how would it felt like to be thank.


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