Knowing your why

It’s not the how that makes you become motivated.
It’s not the how that help you take action.
It’s not the how that makes you become productive and accurate in all your ways.
It’s not a question of how, because you already know how, and if you don’t, you will always knew it.
There’s no information that can be hidden. The truth will always come out.
Same with your own ability, you can’t keep it forever, it will really come out because it must. It must be expressed, otherwise you’ll be dead.

Just like knowing your why? The only way to help yourself take action and get motivated is to know “Why” you will learn this, “Why” I am doing this and that.
Even up to deciding to be successful, you still have to answer “Why” you will allow yourself to be successful.
It’s never a question of how.
Because, anyhow, all the how’s is in the book and can be found.
But your WHY is something special that only your truth can answer.

As for me, WHY I am learning things, in order for me to teach it.
As I grew older, becoming of help to somebody, even to the point of becoming a source, I will do it.
You know my WHY? It’s because it felt great to know that you have helped somebody.
That’s your worth, in case you’re still searching for it.
You have to know your worth, but you have to do something about it.
You must take Action in order to know your worth.

You have to be kind, be loyal, be thankful, be grateful, that’s your worth.
In short, your value is worth and your worth is determined by the value you have given to others not what you have taken.
Can you see the difference.
Your true value is determined by how much you have given not how much have taken.
Everything that you have will not make you feel valued and worthy.
It’s what you give that counts.
Everything else is a bonus.
It’s nothing without your worth.

What really makes me feel good is when I am able to help someone without them knowing it.
The impact to that persons life felt great.
It’s the most beautiful and the most satisfying feeling knowing that you have helped them.
It’s helping me feel useful.
It’s helping me feel fulfilled.
That complete feeling that you kept on searching is behind those walls.
Behind greed, behind selfishness, behind complaints, behind angst, and most importantly, it’s behind envy.

You know what’s stopping you from being happy?
Of course we all share something in common.
Our real happiness comes from giving without expecting anything in return.
But you have to choose the right people, who deserves your best, because your effort will surely be treasured and not be wasted.
Before you help, ask yourself. Why would you help this person? And it applies to all, your family is not an exception.

My father deserves a help. He’s my role model, I finally understand why he choose to help the rest. He have fulfilled his own mission, he deserved my support, something that only my type can get.
Now that I understand this, I feel wonderful I got this amazing value from him.
Despite the bad environment I have been, I am still standing.
Able to see the difference between the other side and the one that only the bravest will take risk.

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