Common sense

Just like that exam that I couldn’t get through without passing it.
I must not give up, no matter how many attempts I would try.
I will not force it, I will reread it.
You know this is mostly my mistakes.
Not re reading keeps me failing on this.
That’s why I must keep it a habit, specially when I feel bored and I have so much in mind.

I guess, humans, if they want to be confident in one thing, they must keep on practicing it.
Repetitive learning is what we’re all needing.
Even professionals needed to review and keep on refreshing their knowledge checking for updates.
The once that you knew may no longer true, so better focus on what you have, enjoy the moment, and let your future self decide.

You have to trust, otherwise you’re not going to do that step.
You have to believe in order to be motivated.
You must thank in order to feel blessed.
You must accept in order to feel gifted.
You must forgive in order to feel at peace.
You must say no, as a sign of self respect.
A yes to those things you really want, otherwise, you don’t have to.

A beautiful lady needs to take a bath daily, otherwise tomorrow she will smell ugly, thus look ugly.
Just like earth clears the sky, processed it into I don’t know, a heavy rain, maybe? Not really into science, but knowing this simply helps you understand yourself.
I guess we need to study more earth if we want to help ourselves.

She’s not even complaining, she kept on doing her thing.
Her system works because she’s aware of it.
How intelligent she is, if only I could speak to earth, I will become one of her best assets.
If she needed my help, it is by telling the truth that we need to help cleaning up her system because it is logging.
A lot of garbages and she needed help to decompost it.

Maybe that’s why I hated garbages, I have to do something about it.
I’m not sure where to go to help us clear her ocean that feeds her fishes that we can eat.
It’s the same with groupings, you must do your part so you will also benefit it in the end.
So as long as I know how and where to get help, I know I can.
So let me know.

How can we help if we don’t know what to do next and how do we do it.
Is there a book that teaches how to do it.
Or should we learn how then teach it.
That’s what science should be for.
Understanding nature, so we can help restore.
If science contributed to earths destruction, then maybe science can also restore it.

What about this quote, “You cannot solve a problem the same way you created it.”
Okay, I guess science can if science moves through the right direction and good intention, no longer human focused but environmental focus, restoration focus.
If that means healing earth, then let’s do it.
But it’s going to be harsh, I think it has already started.
Prayers to you who is reading this.
That you might understand why this all happens.

It’s all for the benefit of you.
Saving herself is saving you because who else is going to help you if she’s totally dysfunctional.
All of you depends on her, it’s one of the biggest reason why she must save herself before others.
Though that doesn’t mean you’re not loved.
You’ve been loved, you have been loved.
You must realize her pain.
I guess it is time to return all the minerals we have taken from her because it helps her survive, the energy itself heals itself.

Just like music touches your soul, thus this energy that the minerals we took from her touches her system that heals her and her system.
I am sure how to give back. But that’s what I am doing now.
I may not be able to give back those that I haven’t taken from nature, but I can totally give back in the other level.
That’s through my parents whom I have owed a lot.
To my friends who have been supporting me.
To the father who have been working hard to feed us.
To the mother who have been angry all the time just to remind us how to be, although it’s already frustrating when you don’t know how because she didn’t tell you how, you must figure it out and use your common sense.

It’s a training that will involve trusting your self and doing the right thing according to your instinct.
Oh, I love that idea.
At least I’ve done something, wrong but good thing is that I am having fun with it.
Common sense saves your time.
I believe it’s the same pattern with not knowing anything because nobody taught you how to do it.
That’s why they said just do it.
Wait for the result and you will find it magical.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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