Key to Improved productivity

“Relax, enjoy the sun rising above, giving you Vitamin D to help you get through the day. Your body need to relax, give it time to recharge, do it for you this time.” A beautiful morning at Milleneum Park, LLC. Taken using VIVO Phone. Similar Product. #paidad

We accept better things, we focus on that.
We acknowledge mistakes, we learn from it.
We think of giving back, we receive gifts, it’s from the heart.
We love and laugh, we acknowledge better things.
We value people, we don’t sleep on it.
We may feel weak, but we can always unplug and do other things right after every end of shift.

The spirit of love, spirit of care, powered by spirit of gratitude delights the world.
You too need rest, so go ahead, do the things you want.
Be good, feel good, distressing others around.
Your enthusiasm and happiness helps.
That’s a goal we much achieve, relaxation is always a priority because it’s the only key to improved productivity.

Talk to yourself like you’re someone different.
Talk to a friend like she’s outside of your box, that’s the only way to maintaining mutual respect.
Talk to someone else, not just the old voices playing in the background.
You’re meant to respond to new things.
Get out there and take time to listen to them.
They’ve got good news, and new thoughts for you to ponder, don’t just sit there waiting to be heard.

Do something better, something worth acknowledging, you deserve it, go claim it, but first make a valid receipt, work on it.
Focus on your own goal, not others goal, otherwise you have become their puppet have mercy to your self, you also deserve so much better, someone that when you loose the other also looses, not only you who will take all the risk from your loyalty investment, but when you profit, they also profited.
Can you see the difference between someone who play safe and take advantage to someone who really invested and take risk, hoping that you will own it and be responsible of your own success.

Pause a little, because if you’re not maybe you’re not really checking, most errors comes from not pausing.
Smile a little and have fun with it, don’t loose break otherwise you’re dead.
Staying in control really matters, do not let time pressure you.
Pressure time to slowdown for you then go faster like you’re on top of the show.
It felt like you’re in a rollercoaster ride, you pause everytime you’re about to end and start a new thing to work on.
So take a break, you deserve it.

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