When I was tempted to talkback, I wrote this

“You all deserve silence. Go take a walk and observe the silence of nature instead of talking back to people who doesn’t deserve your time.”

Better ignore those you don’t really need;
I mean stories that doesn’t make your life any better.
Her chatters won’t stop, I thought anger can stop it, but sadly made it worse, doesn’t make it any better.
You have to choose yourself, choose to listen to your quiet self, she deserves to be listened to.
Even if the one that’s so close to you kept on talking and she will become crazy in the eyes of many if you don’t really play along with their drama.

This time you have chosen yourself; if they needed somebody to listen to them, they have to talk to a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
Just let yourself ignore those voices that you don’t like listening.
Sing your own song, be the best you can be.
Show them that you are able to ignore them, come what may.
You’ve already cared enough, it’s your time to care about yourself now.

Published by Roselyn

Hi! I'm Roselyn! The first and only daughter of my father. He's a farmer and I am so proud of him for raising me and accepting me as his own. I believe that Broken families are meant to be broken for good. As a product, I always feel in-secured about family coz I think I don't have one and I am left alone; but the truth is, I still have them, they just went separate ways and I just have to accept that and move on. It's my only insecurity, I have no place to call my home coz my parents doesn't have one. They're broken after all. I'm going to make a family and it will start with me.

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