Gut Feeling

“Seek for clarity, as clear as that seawater in front of you. Guess what they’re up to. People inside that boat is up to something, if you guess it right, your gut feeling is strengthening.” Early morning at the Park. Taken using my VIVO phone. I have similar product for you. #paidad Super handy.. Check it out!

Looking at the good effect and the good intention of the one belittling you, even your enemy, there might be a good reason why they said those words to you.
It may not be clear now, but it will be in the near future to come.
Maybe there’s a hidden message behind all those grudges.
Behind those angst, behind those monster is an angel wanting to express herself but couldn’t make up her thoughts.
Or maybe she’s just suppressing it because she’s so scared to hurt and get hurt.

Taking into consideration the madness of this once beautiful little angel acting like a devil is a deep care towards someone who doesn’t understand what she wants to say because she’s still learning their language maybe.
Maybe she was too scared to speak up, but I am not.
I knew it and I played along with it, it’s called a technique get caught not, but if they will, at least you’re just doing what you think is right.
If you will be corrected, then accept it.
But most of the time I am right anyway, so no need to change unless you’re corrected of doing so.

Do what is right, own it, be corrected.
Unless there are updates, keep doing it, you’re doing it right.
Doubts is a waste of time, you have to decide to double check your references, but please remember to choose the challenging way, instead of the easiest way, because most of the time, the easiest option is probably the wrong one, be careful, have faith but trust only your gut feeling.
If you kind of stop it because it felt like it’s probably going to “whatever you’re thinking, good or not good” then you’re probably right.

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